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crystal - June 2

i just found out that i was preg. took a test but what really gave me the hint was i havent had my period since the beginnging of april so yeah but heres my question... i believe i am around 7 weeks preg but when should i be getting into the doctor? i cant really afford to go so i am seeing what i can do i am 18 and live on my own and both of my parents died when i was younger so i cant ask them and i am trying to get medicaid but its taking too long and i just need to know when i should be going to the doctor?????? please and thanks


JMK - June 2

Crystal-I'm certainly no expert (expecting my 1st), but my dr. won't even see me until I'm 8 wks! Stay calm and keep on the medicaid folks. Also, I would try contacting your local health & human services department or even just looking the phone book for low cost health care providers. Planned Parenthood uses a sliding scale for their patients, so maybe you could get started there (if you have them in your area). Pre-natal care is very important, so make sure you're eating right, avoiding cigs & alcohol, taking a pre-natal vitamin and all that stuff. Try calling hospitals too and speaking w/ their billing dept. or resource dept. to see if they can give you advice on where you can go for inexpensive care. What about the father - any $ help available there? You didn't get into this predicament on your own! Good luck and keep in touch. There's always help out there :)


hf - June 2

medicaid is retro active so go abou tyour appointments and they will cover it


crystal - June 2

to JMK-well thanks so much tho... okay yes the father is here but we are using his money for food and rent.. i work to buts its just babysitting and its not much 100 a week and i am puttin that into the bank. so yeah but i have a planned parenthood right by my house so what would i say to them i am embarra__sed...could you help there thanks me


Crystal - June 2

I went to PParenthood when I was in college for birthcontrol and annual exams. Don't worry about being embarra__sed. Its what they're there for. Just call and make an apt. and tell them the deal - you are single, make about $100 a week, and you just found out you are pg., you don't have ins. or medicaid benefits yet and you are desperate for prenatal care. Schedule an apt., go in and fill out the paperwork and they'll tell you how much it will cost (might tell you over the phone). No matter what, you have to be proactive. When I was going to PP, there were professional women in suits going there. I went after college until I got married. Its sliding scale, so no one else will know what you're paying (or not paying). And if they quote you still too much, ask them where else you can go for help. They're there to help. And if you talk to someone who isn't helpful, call back and speak w/ someone else. Or call other branch and speak w/ someone there. Don't be embarra__sed and don't give up. You're going to be a mother now, and there are many times your child will do things that embarra__s you - now is not the time to worry about it. Stick your chin up and look 'em in the eye and be proud you want to take good care of your baby. Also, I know the need to put your $100 a week in the bank, but that's savings for the future and if you need $ for an apt. now, use it now. If you screw this up, there might not be a tomorrow for your little one, or else his/her tomorrow's might be a lot more expensive than if you had taken care of things now. (I've scrimped and saved and lived off ramen noodles and saltine crackers, so I know how you feel.) I'd even look at other ways to make additional money - even if it was just collecting aluminum cans (I've done that too.) You'll get through this and have a beautiful baby to be proud of.


Jackie - June 2

My friend had the same problem with no insurance but she just went to medicaid and they gave her a temporary card. Maybe you should try it again and tell them you are pregnant. And there are also hospitals and other programs that will help you out, you just have to look into it or call an insurance agent and they should be able to help you.


Sara - June 2

There's a special medicaid for pregnant women. If your pregnant you just need too show them proof of pregnancy, like a doctor's letter. I applied and i'm still waiting for a response.


Tracy - June 2

I work for DFCS in Georgia. In our state, you will need proof of pregnany and your medicaid will be completed within 5 days. The medicaid will go back 3 months prior to cover any unpaid medical expenes, but you will need to request this on your application.


bg - June 3

I'm in Georgia also. I just went to my local health dept. and paid $12 for a pregnancy test. That gave me the "proof " for medicaid. Also, I applied for the medicaid right there. It was convenient and only cost 12 bucks. Good luck to you. There is help out there. I make about $20k a year and still qualified.


Tina - June 3

Planned Parenthood will charge you based on what you can afford. I went there when I was in high school because I didn't want my parents to know I needed birth control. That sounds like your best bet.


Jbear - June 5

Crystal, go to the store and buy some prenatal vitamins (they're about $5-$8). The easiest way to get medicaid where I live (Texas) is to look in the phone book for clinics. Any clinic that says in its ad that it does free pregnancy testing will usually have someone who can do your medicaid application for you. Try to find a clinic affiliated with a hospital in the area, they make everything easier for you, like helping you find a doctor and pre-registering you at the hospital for the delivery. When you apply for Medicaid you should ask about food stamps too. If you're only making $100 a week, you should qualify for food stamps. Also, once you qualify for medicaid, you're eligible for WIC. WIC will give you vouchers for milk, cheese, cereal, eggs, juice, peanut b___ter, and sometimes (depending on where you live) produce at the farmers' market. Planned Parenthood probably has someone to help you with the medicaid paperwork too. It's not really that embara__sing going in there, or going to any clinic. You're going to be a mom, and of course you want to do what's best for your baby, so if you have to go to a clinic in order to take care of your baby, then do it. When you're young, everything seems embara__sing, but in a few years it will seem like nothing.


kelley - June 13

I;m preg ans my parents donlt want me or won;t help me



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