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TT - October 18

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins. I don't know know the s_xes yet but i know if one is a girl I would like to name her Jordyn. I want both to have either the same initial or similar names but need suggestions for if they are 2 girls a boy and a girl or 2 boys. My six year old son's name is Jaelin. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Tess - October 18

Hi TT! just a suggestion....what about Joslyn and Jordyn? thats all I could think right now.....:P


- October 18

Jordyn & Jaedyn?


Stacy - October 18

As Jordyn can go either way boy or girl, maybe Jayden it's also used as a co-ed name. Let me know what you think!


T Lew - October 18

Jordyn, Jasmine, Jada, Justin, Jullian. I'll keep thinking. Good Luck.


barb - October 19

Joseph and Jordyn. If two girls -Jordyn and Jospehine, or Jasmine, Jessica, or Jackie. Good luck


Amanda - October 19

What about Jacinta? Janaya? Jonty? Jorja?


Suggestions - October 19

How about Justin for a boy? Jason & Jasmine? Justin & Janie? Jade & Jordan? John Paul & Joseph? Jack & Jill? Jill & Jane? Jaclyn & Jordan? Jack & Jacinda? There are tons!


TT - October 20

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have narrowed it to Jordynn, Jaidynn or Jasmyn for a girl and Jaedyn for a boy. No idea for 2 boys. Keep the the suggestions coming. Thanks a ton!


Gemma - October 24

Boy and Girl: Jordyn and Joshua, Jordyn and Jaden, Jordyn and Joseph, Jordyn and Jack, Jordyn and Jake, Jordyn and James. Girl and Girl: Jordyn and Jade, Jordyn and Jayne, Jordyn and Jemma, Jordyn and Jessica. Boy and Boy: Jordan and Joshua, Jordan and Jaden, Jordan and Joseph, Aidan and Andrew, Samual and sebastian, Luke and Liam, Thomas and Tyler, Reece and Reegan, Kyle and Kaden. Hope this has helped.


Mindy - October 24

For a boy and girl twins- jordyn and Judah sounds cute


naming twin girls - October 24

Jordyn and Jaylyn


Names - October 24

I know this was not one of your choices, but I have heard of picking a name that can be spelt both backward and foward to make two different names. For instance: AIDAN and NADIA. ? Just a thought. Also, starting one name with an A and the other with a Z. They're going to be linked together FOREVER in every other way, why not give different names? Regardless, Congratulations on your twin pregnancy - I wish you all the best in health and happiness!!!!


bump - October 29



Mindy - October 30

Please do your children a favor..don't name them too much a like. I'm a twin, Melinda (Mindy for short) my sister is Melissa (Missy for short) besides sounding like two lap dogs, we have had problems with records from college transcripts to bank statements our whole lives! Some companies do things by last name, 1st initial and birthdate..thats where the confusion sets in. We even were sent the same social security #! I recommend not to name the twins with names so similar. Hope this gives you something to think about...Good Luck and Congrats on the two!


To Mindy (last post) - October 30

I have a twin sister also and our names are Missy and Mindy (Melissa and Melinda) too. It is a small world. I have to agree with you with the names being too much alike. We also had the same social security numbers. God Bless, ~Mindy


nicky - October 31

jonah, joel, and although they don't start with a j...i love tucker and tyler and alden



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