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tk07 - February 4

hi! so i am almost 7 weeks (on tuesday i will be) and today i have like no symptoms and it is freaking me out! i did yesterday though. did any of you have that where they were gone but everything was still ok? of course i don't know yet if they are going to come back... i haven't had any spotting. i had a m/c before and i lost my symptoms like the same day i started bleeding. any advice?? i am just so nervous...


Tammy276 - February 4

don't worry about it...symptoms can come and go throughout your pregnancy and just because you are not feeling them today doesn't mean you wont' be tomorrow.


Shannon - February 4

with my first baby i didn't have any symptoms until 9 weeks... so it's possible that you might start getting them in a few weeks or whatever.


tk07 - February 5

thanks, i did have them and now they are gone, that is my problem. and they are still gone today, which really scares me. i am going to try and get into the Dr today instead of tomorrow, i hope they let me in..





tk07 - February 6

well, i ended up going in yesterday because i was driving myself crazy! i think everything is ok... i have a little bean with a good heartbeat and at a good size. i won't get my blood tests back until tomorrow though. i hope those are good too! how is everything going for you? since i would guess we are due around the same time?


jen327 - February 6

tk07 I did the same thing. I was for sure something was wrong becacuse I lost all my symptoms. My OB did tell me that the more you keep hydrated teh less your symptoms seem to be there and that is because your body is so well hydrated. I did notice a coralation with that to me. But who knows it may be here way of getting me to drink tons of water :)


tk07 - February 7

hi jen, how far along were you when all your symptoms went away? i can't wait for the Dr's office to call me today! it is good to hear i am not the only one!


jen327 - February 7

About 8 weeks. I totally freaked out. I knew someting was wrong. I felt like I wasn't pregnant at all. The only issue I had was fatigue. I am now 14 weeks 2 days. I am having more symptoms now then then. Sore bbs and cravings. But I think I am in the second trimester now so that is ok they are going away.



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