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shivani.god - February 16

I am 12week pregnant and yesterday I got very heavy flow blood for two hours and when I reached doctors office blood flow stopped and in scanning doctor could see baby movements and heartbeat doctor told me that baby is fine only thing he sees that I got low lying placenta. Can someone tell me what does this exact mean I am really in tension and dont know what to do. Can someone tell me if my pregnancy will be safe even after having heavy flow bleeding in 12 week??


Ca__sieSong - February 16

I really don't have any good info for you, but if the doc did an ultrasound and saw that the baby is fine (with heartbeat and all) then I guess I'd trust your doc's judgement. Did you have cramping with your bleeding? I know some women do bleed during pregnancy and that it all turns out fine in the end, with a healthy baby. Try not to worry or stress about it- since you did see your baby on the u/s, I'm sure the little one is fine. If you just can't stop worrying, you can always get a second opinion I guess. Best wishes!


angelmarkie - February 16

I had heavy bleeding at 11 weeks, but no diagnosis was ever made; I continued to spot for a month after that. I am now 29 weeks and baby is doing great! A quick search of the internet said this about your low lying placenta, "The v____al bleeding is caused by growth of the placenta, and because the placenta is hanging over the cervix, the outer layers actually peel off and cause bleeding. The bleeding usually does not pose any threat to the baby, but a large amount of bleeding can cause issues for the mother if it continues" I also found that the placenta will typically migrate away from the cervix as your uterus grows. Good luck!


shivani.god - February 17

Thanks Ca__sie and Angel I appreciate for your responses I am feeling fine Doctor gave me two restriction during next couple of days that I should do rest no heavy lifting and no s_xual relation. Ca__sie I didn't get any Cramp it was sudden blod flow for three hours and then suddenly stopped and then just little spotting but I was scarred like anything. But I am feeling fine and baby is doing good. Thanks again for giving me such a nice response.


SashaP - February 18

I ended up in the ER this weekend for something simular. I started bleeding bright red very very heavy Friday night. I called the on call Dr and they told me not to go to the ER because we a__sumed it was another miscarriage, I've had 5 already. So we stayed home and the next morning I wasn't bleeding at all, so I went to the ER for an u/s and we saw the hb. Turns out it was a hematoma and they put me on bedrest until next week. Take it easy, you don't want to do anything that you may regret. Good luck!!



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