HELP W Prenatal Vit

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beth - February 14

I am almost 8 weeks and I can't take my prenatal vitamins with out vomiting so I quit taking them. I have to wait a couple weeks before I can see a doctor. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Anything will help. Thank You!!


J - February 14

I have the same problem with pills when I am not pregnant I gag! I would try to break it up and put it in food? When you go to the doc ask for chewables they are called precare or I would take a children's vitamin like Flinstones for the time being.


Leahp - February 14

Hi Beth, Just get the Flinstones and take two everyday, I was having horrible nausea and my doc said it could be due to the vit. I'm on and that's what she told me to do, I think they taste yummy too!!! Although, I still have nausea, but if you're having trouble swallowing that would be your best bet!


citrouille - February 14

Hi Beth, don't know if you already tired, but if you take them around lunch time would that help you? I have trouble swallowing anything in the morning but manage at lunch. I've also heard that chewables are easier to manage.


Erin - February 14

i have the same problem, but i dont throw up they just make me real nausea. my sis was liek that with her first but it turns out she was allergic to the iron in them. which ever way make sure u ask your dr's. p.s my dr told me to take the pills with a warm gla__s of milk or cream


jackie - February 14

yes, you can take a chewable vitamin, such as flinstones. Just make sure you get the ones with extra iron and other important vitamins, such as folic acid. My friend was also sick from her prenatal vitamins and this is what the doctor told her to do.


beth - February 15

I went and bought some flinstone vitamins today. I will start taking them tonight. I feel absolutely terrible all the time. I was so happy to become pregnant and I was fine until I hit 6 weeks. Now it seems like I just want to stay in bed all day. I am staying positive that it will go away soon. I wish I didn't have any symptoms.


Kim - February 20

Have you tried taking your prenatals before you go to bed? My friend is a nurse for an ob/gyn and she told me that they tell all of their patients to do that. I have also and have had no problems with them. Just a suggestion if you have not tried this already.


Sarah - February 20

I had a similar problem I felt everytime id take them id gag! then i took them after dinner and it was easier lol dont know why but try that. I also had a good herbal tablet for morning sickness and they were huge! and it made it worse. If you break up the tablets its not so bad! Good luck!


Tashia - July 19

Hi, I've been taking GNC prenatal vitamins dissolved in water or juice. I was taking Centrum dissolved in water.


Jess - July 19

I know this post if a few months old but I'm sure there are ladies out there that are still having this problem. If it is the actual vitamin that is making you sick you could try taking them right before you go to bed. I found my vitamins were making me sick so I started taking them right before I fell asleep. I now sleep through any ill feelings that I get. Good luck to all the ladies with their pregnancies!


Tashia - July 20

Thanks Jess, which prenatal do you take? I take GNC's Prenatal which I notice does not contain Vitamin K. I emailed them regarding Vitamin K for prenatal. They say they have no information that Vitamin K is beneficial for prenatal. What do you think?



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