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Heather - October 20

I am experiencing MAJOR anxiety over being PG. I am so worried that the baby won't be OK or I'll lose it. I am making myself sick with my worries...I try to reign in my out of control thoughts, but I can't seem to do it. I'm having racing heart and panic attacks and I KNOW that is not good for the baby, but I just feel like I can't calm down! Anyone else feel that way? Any ideas to help me restore my sanity?


Lindsay - October 20

Hi Heather- My pregnancy was a surprise, so I've gone over in my mind everything I did wrong before I found out I was PG (cold medicine, hot tubs, one gla__s of wine, lifting things, etc.). When I think about all of that it drives me craZy. But then I think about how many people were in my same situation and had healthy babies and it makes me feel better. It also helps to go one day at a time. When are you due? I'm May 22nd and going for my 2nd appointment on Halloween. I'm just trying to make it to that appointment. It's not coming fast enough! Hang in there. I'm feeling the same way.


Heather - October 20

Hi Lindsay! Thanks for writing! I'm due June 21. I haven't had my first Dr. appt. yet...I'll be glad when someone tells me things are progressing (hopefully) normally!


ange - October 21

you've got to chill out. i was freaking out too for various reasons and finally just told myself to accept i was pregnant and that if it was going to end, i wasn't going to have any control over it. unfortunately that is what happened this week, but statistically you are at least 75% not going to have to that happen! que sera sera...


Jay - October 21

I have a history of anxiety. I have never taken Rx meds for it, I've always chosen to use natural methods. I find that taking a B vitamin everyday helps tremendously. As a bonus I take a B vitamin with 100% folic acid. Also, taking time to do some deep breathing really helps. You can find some great meditation tapes on that guide you into deep relaxation. If you meditate for 20 minutes a day, that's like a whole night's sleep.


alex - October 27

Hey Heather! hope all's still going on well for you and your anxiety is calming. Do remember that your hormones are going mad too so don't be too hard on yourself for feeling out of control, it will all level out and you'll be able to laugh at the embarrasing things (I had a tearful row with a hand dryer in a public loo early on in my pg..dh still gets milage out of the tantrums,bag packing, hysteria...even though they have subsided for now..) Nobody said pregnancy was a boost to any womans dignity.... A good night at the cinema helps too, try and pick a funny or a feel good film and loose yourself for a couple of hours...You are allowed to forget about bump for a little while...your body will not stop doing the stuff because your mind got on with other things for a bit... I'm even sure littl'un already has a guardian angel!!!



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