Hemroids Help

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Amy - March 8

Can someone please help!! I am 2 1/2 months pregnant and am already getting hemroids. I know this is a gross question but I am desperate for help. Does anyone have any advice???


K - March 12

I have found that if you take a vitamin E capsule poke 2 holes in it with a push pin and squirt around on the outside, then take another one and put 2 holes in it and stick it in your a__s hole. I do this at night for a couple of nights and the symptoms of pain go away.


Amy - March 12

Thank you so much for responding. I almost stopped visiting this site because no one was responding to me and it isn't like this issue doesn't happen to other women. I really appreciate your advice. I hope you have a great pregnancy! :-)


Jennifer - March 22

I know the feeling! I got a huge one on my hind end w/ my 1st son and that never went away, I used tucks pads & everything. I'm now 3 months pregnant w/ child 2 & have a few small ones already. The doctor recommended drinking Citrucel twice a day. If you like them, get some fig newtons too & maybe eat some oatmeal in the morning for breakfast b/c the fiber will help you have bowel movements and of course, try not to strain, which is difficult when you're constipated. True, it sounds gross, but don't be afraid to askk your OB/GYN for advice.


Julie - March 22

Have the same problem and also have morning sickness so I am having a hard time getting enough fiber in my diet and the thought of drinking any metamucil makes me sick. There is a little blood when I go #2 any suggestions?


s - March 28

I am now in my ninth month and I have had hemorids non stop for the past two months. I have found that placing tucks pads directly on the probelm area and leaving them on for a little while helps. I have done everything else and this is the only thing that provides any sort of relief. Good Luck.


lilmum - March 29

Ok, this is gross, and most women don't want to even attempt this, but if they're small enough, push them up inside your a__s. This will help bring down swelling and reduce some of the pain/irritation (not right away though). If you can keep it inside for a few days, and keep yourself regular, they might just go away. If not, Tucks pads are great.


Brigett - March 30

I am going through the same thing my dr said to take hot baths (not to hot that it burns your skin) 2-3 times a day, use the tucks medicated wipes and preporation h (I use the walmart brand) I had them for 3 days before I called the dr. it has almost been a week and they are gone. I am still a little sore but much better.


Amy - March 30

This is some very useful information. I was thinking no one was going to respond because of the subject...but let's face it ladies...most pregnant women go through this. I am so thankful that you all responded with great info for me. I will try your remedies. :-)


R - March 31

Ice packs work too


Sorry gross - April 1

sorry to ask this but...can u describe hemorrhoids plz. I've noticed my b*** has been really at times and sometimes i see tiny spots of blood when i wipe and it feels swollen. so sorry , i know this is gross


sorry gross - April 1

oops , missed a word ( typed too fast ), i meant it is really itchy.



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