Hey 11 13 Weekers Anyone Else Starting To Show

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jessica - April 6

Just wondering if you gals are starting to show at all?? I am definately popping out a bit, digging out the baggy clothes!! Hey - when do we move to the second trimester board?


D - April 6

I have been snooping the second trimester board, and according to them, the second trimester starts at 13 weeks... so that's when I'll start posting there... I'm 12 weeks now, and today I had to unb___ton my pants. I suspect its because I have the extra size from my fibroid. I have an appointment next week, and if I get to have an u/s, maybe I'll be able to tell!


Steph - April 6

Hey Jessica today we are 13 weeks and just bloated here although I can tell where baby is for sure. Stomach has been getting hard now for 2 weeks but we still have just a bit longer. I envy you too D..... I want another u/s when I got mine it looked like a spot!


rb - April 6

LOL - D- you're like our spy into the world of 2nd trimester :) - have started to show already - started a couple weeks ago - but i think it's cuz i'm small - funny thing - found myself keeping my pants (b___ton part) together with a hair elastic - never had to do that before in my life :)


jessica - April 6

hair elastic rb?? hmmm...does it work??!! i wore a long shirt today so i wouldn't have to b___ton up......they all seem tight now!!! so next week i can enter the second trimester world eh?? wohoo! D - anything scary over there we should prepare for?? gas?? more cravings??


Robyn - April 6

LOL I gotcha all beat, I am 10-11 weeks and I am showin hella...lol but I am having twins. Go me! LOL


Trisha - April 6

I am 12 weeks 5 days so I guess that means thurs I enter the 2nd trimester world. I have had 3 kids already so I am showing alot, I tried jeans on i have not wore in 3 weeks...nope didnt work..lol Congrats every1


Angela - April 7

Robyn-i am 6wks tomorrow..and i am already showing a little bit..i look more like 8wks? I found a picture on a belly gallery of a woamn wo was 8wks and it looks like my belly! popping out all over....when did u really start showing? could it be two little babies in there!?


Heidi - April 7

I'm mid 12 wks and I can still wear my jeans if I'm not really bloated that day, or constipated. Ha ha! It really comes and goes so some days my jeans are a little snug and then two days later they're okay. I just look bloated a lot of the time. My b___bs are huge though :)


Stephanie - April 7

Heidi thats how I was except I only gained a cup in bra size so now I am a C cup but this morning I woke up and tummy popped out I am 13 weeks 1 day today.


Heidi - April 7

I can definately see a bulge below my belly b___ton but it's not very noticeable yet. But my actual stomach looks bigger. I a__sume from being pushed up from the growing uterus. But where the baby actually is growing is not very big. I'm sure it'll pop out one of these days but I have very strong stomach muscles from working out so I'm hoping I don't show for a while. I don't know why women want to! I don't want to wear fat pants!


Steph - April 7

I know thats where i am today. Fat pants so I'm gonna head out to old navy see what they got!! I have never worked out but have needed to tone never lose wieght! I have 2 kids so this is 3 so I can't hide this one. Dr. said I would probably show earlier than the first 2. With my first I was 5 months and my daughter I was 5 1/2 so here we go! How do you feel??


Heidi - April 7

I feel great on most days now that my morning sickness is letting up. Sometimes I feel a little worse than others and some days I don't feel pg at all.


D - April 7

Me a spy, huh? LOL! I have always thought that would be fun.... only problem is, I'm one of those people who you take one look at their face, and you know what they are thinking. There are times when I try really hard not to think.... But I don't think I'm the only 1st Trimester - er snooping over there! I've seen some posts from some other ladies I'm pretty sure are still hanging out here..... (Heidi? jessica? was that you??? - ok, ok, if the truth must be told, I posted on the fibroid thread.... :-) So, fellow snoopers, tell me if I'm wrong, but I thought overall there is less discussion about complications, m/c, and other sad things, and more discussion about the day to day aspects of our changing bodies. Ah... you all have me laughing! Thanks! its the part of the afternoon that drags on and on and on for me.


Stephanie - April 7

I posted on 2nd trimester as 13 weeks 2day :o) yesterday but I am comfy with my crew!! I still go over there though


D - April 7

Steph - I am trying to focus on the positive side of having more complications than I'd hoped.... the positive side definately is the extra u/s. When I read some other ladies comments on how they only get 2 u/s during the whole pregnancy, I just don't know how they can survive going to appt after appt and not see the little spot grow.... My last appt at 10w, I'm laying there on the table with a doctors fingers where I really don't want them to go, and she's telling me my uterus is too big (16-18w size) and we'll have to check it out. If you knew me, this would be even funnier - I'm laying there thinking, YAY another u/s!


Stephanie - April 7

D you have me LMAO so bad OMG!!! I know I want another u/s too and I still can't figure out how all these other people get all these u/s either!! Although my a__st. is looking into colleges that do u/s for free to teach and train their cla__ses.... You can even bring your own VHS for nothing!!



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