Hi All June BABIES 06 New Thread 2

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Jen - October 29

How is everyone feeling??? I think maybe my nausousness is subsiding a little-which is good. SOOOO tired though!!! Anyone have their first ultrasounds??? Mine is monday!! I can't wait-had a mc in July so all I want to do is see its little heart beating!!! Good luck to all!!


R - October 29

I am due the 23rd and had a u/s on fri and I seen the heartbeat 5wks 6days.I also had a m/c in Aug


Terri - October 29

Im due the 11th.I just had my u/s saw the heartbeat, it was such a beautiful sound. Can't wait to hear it again. I had a m/c in feb. so Im just trying to relax and enjoy... Good luck


crissi - October 29

I am due June 21st, my first US is Nov 7 and I can't wait to see/ hear!!! #4 baby, big uterus, may be more than one...yikes!


Renee - October 30

Hi! I'm due around the 19th. Going for my u/s tomorrow and hoping to see the heartbeat then. I will keep you posted!


Lindsey - October 30

Hiya, i am due 18th june, i had a m/c in august. I'm 7 weeks today and a little worried as i have lost m sickness symptom, anybody elso lost there's yet - i feel it is too early


Lindsey - October 30

oh... had a scan at 6 weeks 2 days and saw the heartbeat (something i didn't experience last time). JEN, let us know how you get on tomorrow


Beth - October 31

I'm due June 13th, had my u/s last week, it was so neat to hear and see the heart beat. I'll never forget it!


stef - October 31

I'm 9weeks pregnant and this is my first. I'm due june 5th. I went in for my first u/s about 3 or so weeks ago. I was only 6w1d. It was pretty cool to see somthing living in you. I could hear the hb until 12w but just to see it be me smile. Now i'm just working on making sure i'm healthy and the baby is healthy until my next appt on Nov 25th. I'll be past my first trimester by then. I'm nervous to see what the hb will be when i go back it was at 124 at 6w. who knows.


mia - October 31

hello everyone..... (i wonder if i may join you)i am 6 wks pregnant and very nervous,i had a miscarriage last year at about 6 weeks. I have already been to my first midwife appointment,expecting that maybe i would have been offered a scan to see how things are developing,but no i was told if anything is going to happen in the first trimester then there's nothing i can do about it.i have to wait for my second appointment on the 16th dec and that is for bloods and urine sample. reading your posts you all seem to have been given a scan earlier to put your minds at rest.I know i won't be able to enjoy this pregnancy until i see my baby which seems so unfair.


jen - October 31

Hi everyone!! Well, back from the docs and I saw the heartbeat and heard it!!! All is well. She actually put my at 9 weeks-instead of 8 weeks!! Which is great because it takes me out of the first trimester sooner!! The heart beats per minute was 162-everyone is saying its a girl!! Hopefully. Well, good luck to you all!!!


Jen - October 31

oh yeah, Stef-my due date is June 5 now too!! Thats my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! what a present!!!


Renee - October 31

UPDATE! I went for my internal u/s this morning and my new anticipated due date is June 23. And we did get to see our baby's heartbeat fluttering about. It was so amazing!


Layla - October 31

Hello, ladies. My due date is June 5 as well (to Jen and Stef). This is my second and can't wait 'till my first appt Nov 7th. Luckily my morning sickness has already subsided significantly! Better than the first time around with my dd. Maybe it will be a boy this time! We'll have to wait 'till the first of the year and see.


Heather - October 31

Hello ladies! I am almost exactly 6 weeks PG. Layla...I also have my u/s on the 7th! This is my second baby and I'm due June 22. I am so excited...however I thought that I would worry less since I already have one healthy child, but no! I am having the same anxiety/fears as I did with my first. It was so hard for me to get PG each time so that's part of the problem.....I can't wait to see the heartbeat!


fara - November 1

..i'm 10 weeks n due early june.i've not had any sickness


Em - November 1

Hi all, mind if I join you? I am due June 25. I have a 156 month old daughter and had a m/c in Aug of 05. I am now 6 weeks preg. I had a pos hpt test 13 dpo, spotting 14 dpo. Called the dr caue i had only spotting w/ my m/c. Did a blood test. 291 hcg levels 15 dpo and 862 at 17 dpo so everything seems to be fine. I am haveing morning sickness that isn't confinded to the am and heartburn. Never had morning sickenss and only heartburn with the first. I have my first real appointment on Nov 15. I wonder if I will get to have an u/s. Didn't have one with my daughter until I was like 4 months. I had one at 10 weeks with the m/c because of spotting. They were going to do one at 12 weeks anyway to confirm my due date cause I got preg while nursing and ont he pill with weird periods. I didn't make it past 10 weeks. The baby didn't have a heartbeat. I had a D&C on Aug 16 and my first period on Sept 18. Then I got pregnant the next cycle. I am so excited and nervous all at the same Time I wish all of you luck...



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