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christine37 - January 18

Hi all! My name is Christine and I just found out I am almost 7 weeks pregnant, and due on September 8th. I am very nervous! I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks, and those 2 weeks will go by very slow! I can't wait to make sure that I really am pregnant because I just don't feel it. I took 2 pregnancy tests that both came back positive right away, but I have had no symptoms at ALL. I worry about everything in life, so I'm sure this won't be any different. Can't wait to get to know everybody! :)


lawlady72 - January 18

welcome christine and congrats!!! I am 10 weeks today and I found out when I was less than 4 weeks and yes it does go VERY slow. LOL, I am waiting for my 12 week appt w/u/s and now time is just dragging. Have a very happy pregnancy.


Megan P - January 18

Hi Christine. I am supposedly due around the same time as you. I have my first obgyn appointment tomorrow. I went to my regular doc already. Tomorrow I expect bloodwork, pelvic etc.. These last two weeks since I've known have been going very slowly. My b___sts are swollen and sore and I swell up in the abdomen after I eat. Not much naseau yet though. Good luck to you!


jessicaspatherapist - January 18

welcome christine! congratulations!!!


lovestruckjsw - January 18

Congrats christine!! I am 9 weeks and 4 days but time for me has been going by very fast simply because I'm always busy! Maybe that will help you to stay busy? Anyways congrats and hope everything continues to go great!


jeannie123 - January 18

Hi Christine, Congrats!!!!!I know exactly how you feel. I just found out I was pregnant last week and also wasn't feeling ANY symptoms. In fact I was sure I wasn't pregnant because I really thought I would just some how know if I was. I'm still not feeling much, but it is definitely sinking in that it's happening. :)


christine37 - January 20

Thanks everybody! I'm sure it will sink in after I go for my first visit in 1 1/2 weeks.



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