Hi I Am 10 Weeks Pregnant Anyone Else Please Share

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shira - May 26

HI. I am in my 10th week from today! I wanted to ask any of you if you show? My stomach is still really flat, and my next doctors appointment is only in 12 days, and i am starting to worry that something is wrong. i don't have any symptoms and i last saw the doctor 3 weeks ago, heard the heart beat, but it is just really hard from visit to visit, because i really need someone to assure me every once in awhile that everything is ok. I find it really hard to get by from one doctor appointment to the other. i wish i could go once a week just so someone can let me know what is going on. Does anyone else feel like this. I heard that once you reach the later stages and feel the baby move inside you - then you know by yourself that everything is ok. But at this stage now, i just don't know. I feel good. i live my life as usual, go out with friends, go to work, walk around malls.........no one can tell that i am pregnant, and even i forget that i am pregnant at times.....


Melissa - May 26

10 wks 2days today :) I have only gained weight the past two weeks, but also can't help worry about the baby. One of my good friends was a week earlier than me and just miscarried...so I am stressing more. I will be going for an ultrasound in 2 weeks and can't wait to see teh baby and hear it's heartbeat. The only thing I am unhappy with is my dr appointments. he doesn't seem to inform me of alot at the moment and I find myself asking a million questions.


Melissa - May 26

Shira, how old are you and where r u from?


Leah - May 26

I just begun my 10th week (with twins) and I am bloated but can't decipher between bloating and if I'm actually showing. I think it is more bloating than anything. I feel your concerns as I wish I could have an ultrasound every week too. I am worrying about every little thing, every twinge, etc. Email me if you'd like someone to stay in close contact with throughout this journey. [email protected]



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