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Sonrisa - August 17

Does anyone have hiccups? I know the baby gets hiccups, but I keep getting hiccups late in the evening for the past three nights.


Anne_K - August 17

I dont have hiccups, but I burp all day every few minutes... do you have it too, Sonrisa? Is it normal?


Sonrisa - August 18

I heard that the burping is normal. I wonder if some how my hiccups are a form of burping. I usually get them after dinner. It feels like I am going to burp but it comes out like a hiccup.


jenbabe - August 18

I get hiccups ALLLL the time.... i wondered if it was because of pregnancy... its an everyday thing... whew


Sonrisa - August 20

Glad to know that I am not alone. Actually lately it comes right after an episode of nausea. I feel like puking and then I hiccup. Really bizarre.


bj - August 24

I'm glad to hear someone else has the hiccup thing. I get them all the time. My 4 year old nephew says that it's the baby kicking because he/she wants out. LOL!


jenbabe - August 24

Thats exactly when I get hiccups too.. When I'm feeling sick... its kind of a relieving feeling in a way? Or for me it is... when Im sick and hiccup it makes my tummy feel a little better... lol


tam8485 - August 25

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone!! I've been hiccuping like crazy lately and everyone tells me I am just trying to relate something to the pregnancy that is completely unrelated. But I swear I've NEVER had the hiccups this often before! And mine are always after dinner, too. At least I don't feel like I am losing my mind anymore, lol!


Sonrisa - August 25

Ladies...I asked my doctor yesterday if it was normal and she said yes it is normal to get hiccups with pregnancy. Glad to hear that we are not alone and not going crazy. How is everyone feeling?


Sonrisa - September 5

Still getting the hiccups.


mira - September 10

Im constantly hicupping too! Not just after dinner tho, any time of the day. Burping is also a constant feature of my days now lol.. drives me crazy!


ababelv7 - June 10

i have a hiccup everyday. i'm 16, almost 17 weeks pregnant and it started since i became pregnant. i'm guessing it's normal.


Bilmes123 - June 11

I get them randomly and just once lol. its weird ill hiccup once instead of a few times in a row


Sonrisa - June 12

I have a 14 mths old now...as you can see I started the thread back in August two years ago...boy does time go by quickly. Well, I had the hiccups pretty much the whole time while i was pregnant until about three weeks after I delivered...then all of a sudden they have started again this past week and my mom said to me...you must be pregnant. I took a test but it came back negative....AF is due tomorrow. I wil let you know if I am pregnant. The whole thing is quite amusing.


ababelv7 - June 12

me too. i'll hiccup once. idk.


chababe - November 6

I don't usually get the hiccups, but I have had them on and off for the past 2 days just as I was wondering if I might be pregnant and if the two have anything to do with one another. Thank you for sharing your stories.


jodi-ttc-08 - November 7

i started with the burps at only 8 dpo. got a BFP11 dpo. currently 17 dpo and still burping like crazy. i am waiting for the hiccups to start soon. i had them all through my other 3 pg's from day1 till just after birth... terribly annoying to the point of frustration.... grrrr. i am due july 12th 2009....



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