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jodi-ttc-08 - November 7

i started with the burps at only 8 dpo. got a BFP11 dpo. currently 17 dpo and still burping like crazy. i am waiting for the hiccups to start soon. i had them all through my other 3 pg's from day1 till just after birth... terribly annoying to the point of frustration.... grrrr. i am due july 12th 2009....


shaunab - January 7

Thanks for all the info girls! We've had trouble getting pregnant and have gone to insemination. This is the week, actually today is the day I would start my period and so far (knocking on wood) nothing. The past two days I've had the hiccups and small little waves of nausea. I was hoping these might be hints or indicators. You all are giving me hope!!!! Thanks!!! Cross your fingers!!!!


annebelle - June 24

Okay ladies - my back has been killing me all day - just the lower part. I had blood drawn and a urine test on monday [22nd June] - i have to wait for my doc. to call me on this coming monday. my temp. that day, [in an air conditioned room for half an hour] was 99.7 degrees. I've been hiccuping and burping for the past week! It has frustrated me so much! sometimes it's a mixture of the two - so it hurts at times. I happen to like the way gasoline smells when you're fresh from the station, but today it just made me so nauseated. These burps are so s_xy, don't you think? [rolls eyes]


annebelle - June 24

not my temp, i meant my BBT - sorry :(


cerraphine - June 10

Hi, I'm 25 and BRAND new here :) Well, we've been ttc for a few months now. Haven't gotten a real period in a couple months, but no test yet. I'm taking one next Tuesday but I have awful heart burn and major hiccups when I wake up. Spotted a bit the first period I missed and then last week was supposed to get another. One drop of, not red, but light light pink/brown was all. I am so excited to take this test, although I know that another negative will probably make me cry. I know this is an old board, I just wanted to say what I had to say. To someone. Other than my boyfriend, because all of my real life friends are just too busy for me right now. Good luck and baby dust to all ttc. I hope this is your month. (and mine too??)


crazystucogirl - October 23

I get hiccups about twenty minutes before I throw up. It is my way of knowing that I have waited to long to eat.


AprilFools - July 25

I'm pregnant with my first and one thing I have noticed is that I am CONSTANTLY hiccuping. I was really worried about the hiccups so I went to my doctor. I don't normally hiccup a lot but she told me that if the hiccups last for more than 10 minutes to suck on a lemon and then have a big glass of water. 



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