HIGH HCG And Concerned About Down S

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lararobin - October 26

I am 6 wks 5 to 6 days pregnant and my HCG levels were 80,000 (blood drawn yesterday, Thurs) and prog 25.8. My OB prepared us for twins, but when we had the sonogram performed this AM... just one baby and one strong heart rate of 125. I'm hoping this is a good sign! My OB said not to worry about down's sydrome or chromo abnormalities and said b/c my prog is high she isn't concerned. She said she would be more concerned if my prog was low. Anyone out there have a real high HCG and a perfectly healthy baby? My OB also thinks it's a girl b/c she says high HCG usually ='s girl. We will see. I am just praying for a healthy bambino. This is my second pregnancy and we have a healthy little 2 yr old boy, Jackson. First pregnancy was so smooth!


Stephanie_31 - October 26

I wouldn't worry about it. If you have the Maternal Serum screening done, which tests 3 - 5 different components of the mothers blood, it will give you a better idea of your chances of having a baby with down's but HCG alone is not a reliable indicator. If your Maternal Serum Screening comes back with a high percentage chance then they can do amnio or an ultrasound to determine whether the baby has downs. If you go to 3w's dot ds-health dot com/prenatal dot htm it will explain the Maternal Serum. You doctor is corret in telling you that you should not worry about high HCG. The only thing high HCG is a good indicator of, is twins and you have already ruled that out.


EricaG - October 26

wow, if yours was high, mine is REALLY high, lol. I had mine taken at 6 weeks 6 days and it was 150,000. There is only one in there with a good strong heartbeat. My doctor didn't seemed concerned at all, in fact she seemed really really happy with the number.


Mel Page - October 29

Hay there lararobin, I'm currently 22 weeks along and, my hcg was also unbelievably high, gyno aslo told me to prepare for the possibility of twins, but ended up being just one little bub and guess what - A girl!!!! LOL. Good luck and no worries, the high hcg just means that your bub is healthy and strong!! Love Melony



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