High HCG But No Fetal Pole Showing At 5w5d Will I Miscarry

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cheyne - April 30

I went for scan yesterday to 'put my mind at rest' the doctor said. I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The scan was a va___al scan and showed a sack, a yolk sack and...nothing else. There was no sign of a fetal pole or heartbeat. The person performing the scan said the scan was showing me to be 5 weeks and she would not expect to see anything at this point. She told me to come back in a week for another scan. However, considering my HCG level was 9300 the night before the scan do things look very bad? Am I going to miscarry a blighted ovum, or is there still hope an embryo will show up and things will be alright?


Ashley2121 - April 30

There is still hope. When I had my u/s done at 5 weeks there was a yolk but no heartbeat or fetal pole. I am now 9w4d and I have had 2 u/s since then. I am sure you will be fine - keep me posted!


mm28 - May 1

I think they expect to see a heartbeat when your HCG reaches about 12000, which is usually not until 6 weeks or so. I went in at 5wks 3days and nothing but the yolk sac - lo and behold, 1 week later the heartbeats were going strong. At 5 weeks, a yolk sac is a good sign, so don't worry.


cheyne - May 2

Thanks so much you guys. You've really helped ease my mind. I'm going to stay positive now. I'll let you know how it goes.


MKCourt - May 6

I had the same this happen. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks 2 days and we only saw the yolk sac. They scheduled me to come back in two weeks. I went back at 7 weeks 2 days and saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. You should be right on track. Try not to worry!


cheyne - May 7

Hi there, just thought I'd update! I went for my second scan today and they saw an embryo and saw the heartbeat! I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to make of the image - it all looked very obscure to me - but they were certain there was a 4mm fetal pole and that it was flickering - 'live embryo present and heart pulsations clearly seen' they wrote on the docs note they gave me. So I feel very lucky today. Thanks so much for all your comments, they made the past week so much less stressful and helped me stay positive xx


austynsmommy - May 7

That's great Cheyne. That happened to me with my last son. It scared me. I had to wait a week for another ultrasound. Congrats on your pregnancy Cheyne.



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