High HCG Level

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Sara - June 21

I just found out I was pregnant a few days ago (after being sick for about a week straight, so I assumed as much) And the doctor called this morning and told me my level was 34,000. I didn't think it was physically possible because I had my last period a little over 5 weeks ago. Is it normal to be that high this early or could I have had my period at the same time? I thought it was a normal period but I could just be naive. Anyway I guess I'm just wanting some reassurance :) And my doctor appointment isn't scheduled until June 30, is that normal to be delayed so much too??


Evy - June 21

I would be happy about high hcg levels...could mean a lot of things: you are later along than you thought (ie: normal period was anything but normal) or that you are carrying multiple pregnancies (do twins run in your family?) Anyways, consider youself lucky to not have to worry about hcg levels being too low. June 30th is only a week away so I am sure it is fine. A lot of women don't get their first visit until 8-10 weeks. Good luck and keep us updated.


???? - June 21

i thought i read not to good to have them to high it could mean down but not sure on that


Tre - June 22

I am experiencing the same thing and was told it could be due to multiple pregnany but I will not know until my first ultrasound at 16 weeks. Everything is fine.


Sara - June 22

Unexpected pregnancy..unexpected multiples haha :) either way I'm happy as long as the baby/babies is/are healthy


beth - June 23

My hcg levels seem to be doubling more than every 48 hrs. My first set was taken on 6/16 they were 1100.(i was 4w 3d) Then 2 days later they were 3200. Does this seem too high?? If anyone can answer, that would be great.Thanks!!


lashunda - June 23

hi, sorry i'm not really familiar with hcg levels but are we supposed to ask the doctors how high or low they are or will they tell us?


Amy - June 23

hey if you don't know don't worry caues if you know as you can see it is just ONE more thing to WORRY about just enjoy



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