High HCG Levels Empty Sac

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mummy2dylan - February 9

hi everyone, i am wandering if any of you can help me. i went to hospital mon 5th feb with brown discharge, i thought i was 5 wks 5 days. my scan shown any empty sac but my hcg levels were 8000. i had them done again 7th feb and they were 13893. do these seem high to have an empty sac? i am really worried as had miscarriage sept 06. i have another scan this coming tues 13th feb. i am terrified i am going through it all again. can anyone put my mind at rest or been in this situation? also the brown discharge only happened 5th feb, i have had none since! x


moescrilla - February 9

someone else on here had the same problem, was five weeks and just saw the sac. I think the baby may be too small to see at this point, (although I'm not 100 percent positive) if your hcg levels are rising, then everything should be fine. So dont worry. I'm sure everything will be fine when they do the next u/s


mummy2dylan - February 9

thank you moescrilla! i hate playing this waiting game, it worries me that with such high hcg levels they shold have at least seen the fetalpole


ginger6363 - February 9

I found this on an interesting website --- really, it was some ladies blog and she has some interesting facts about HCG levels (if they are to be trusted, that is). Here's what she says about HCG levels: "Conventional wisdom is that you won't see anything on ultrasound until your hCG levels exceed 1,000 mIU/mL. However, the gestational sac has been visualized with transv____al ultrasound at levels as low as 300. In the majority of pregnancies, a sac should be visible when levels exceed 2,000. A yolk sac is commonly seen in normal pregnancies once hCG tops 2,500; an embryonic pole is expected at 5,000; and a heartbeat is seen in the majority of normal pregnancies when levels reach 10,000." I am suprised that you didn't see a fetal pole, but don't be worried just yet. It could be you have a late bloomer.


mummy2dylan - February 9

thanks ginger! the doc said i may have my dates wrong as sac measuring 4-5 wks. this is what worrys me! if i was 4 or 5 wks surely my hcg levels would be a lot lower


Krissy25 - February 10

I would't worry just yet. I had an ultrasound at the same time and my numbers were about the same maybe a little higher and there was no baby yet. Two week later there was with a baby and a heartbeat measuring exactly as it should. Also I too had some spotting in the 4th and 5th week and it wasn't brown so i was scared but it stopped and hasn't happened since. I hope this info helps you relax a little until your next scan.


mummy2dylan - February 14

**UPDATE** went for scan yesterday they found heartbeat, what a relief! they said i am about 6 weeks. thank you for your help, it put my mind at rest xx


ginger6363 - February 14

that's great news, mummy2dylan! congrats!



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