Highlighting Hair During Pregnancy

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Lisa - April 27

I have heard it is dangerous to the fetus to have your hair highlighted during pregnancy. Can you please confirm this for me?


mpi - April 27

i've done some research because i've been wanting to dye my hair.. and from what i've read it is ok to do. Just make sure windows are open and the area is well ventilated so you won't inhale so many fumes.


lilmum - April 27

go for it! like mpi said, make sure it's well ventilated, if your going to a salon, go early in the morning so there aren't fumes in the air from other things. it will make you look and feel s_xy and at a time like this, who doesn't need that?


Steph - April 27

I did it and Im going back in 3 weeks to put in some more! Wait til 2nd trimester and stay well ventilated. I did bc I did'nt want to breath in the fumes. Me and baby are healthy and alive :o)


tiff - April 27

This is such a great question ...as soon as i found out i was pregnant this worried me alot...but from what i have read is seems ok ! so i am not going to worrie too much , if you find out anything else let us know .


B.T. - April 28

Hi girls. Well, I've been a hairdresser for almost 15 yrs. We get asked this question all the time in our salon. Luckily we have the benefit of having many ob/gyn's as clients. Here is what we've been told. You can color your hair in the 1st trimester if : a) the color doesn't come in contact w/ the scalp during process( meaning highlights) or b) a non- chemical dye is used such as Henna, or Cellophanes by Sabastine. These are vegetable based colors ( i'm sure their are others out there as well.) and are NOT meant to cover grey hair , lighten hair, and they are not permanent color. The issue is not the fumes. None of you will ever inhale as much as I did when I worked through 2 healthy pregnancies, as have 7 other stylists in my company. My Dr. said not to worry as long as I didn't have my nose planted directly IN the stuff. I used a fan most of the time. It is the hair dye soaking into the scalp and into the blood stream. Vegetable base colors are basically like a food coloring that is made to "stain" the hair shaft surface. As far as permanent color on the scalp most Dr.'s suggest that you wait until your are out of your first trimester. Others will tell you to reframe from this type of color all together during pregnancy. Personally, I feel that if you don't HAVE to, then don't. What's 9 months? I went w/ a Cellophane myself. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


tiff - April 28

hi BT , thanks for the advise ...you are 100% correct , i went to my specalist who said the same thing . She advisd me to not do it for nine months buy if i do use a natural colour.



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