Hip And Back Pain

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IsabellasMommy - December 1

Has anybody else experienced hip pains in early pregnancy? I've noticed that within the past week, I have had the pains. I'm only about 5 weeks or so...so I wasn't expecting things to be shifting this early (this is my 3rd pregnancy). I also have lower back pains, which I know are pretty normal during pregnancy. But the hip pain is what is bothering me because sometimes it hurts to walk. It feels like a dull cramp sometimes and then others it feels almost like there's a knife in there stabbing into the bone. It's not all of the time, but when it does happen, it hurts to sit down, stand up, or even lay down. Anybody experience this? If so, how are you dealing with it? Any advice?


kristine-- - December 3

I'M DYING FROM THIS RIGHT NOW! i'm 8wks3dys & have all the back & hip pain in the WORLD. it hurts so bad. it's exactly what you said. i thought i was the only one. i had an OB appt this morn, so i asked her about it. she said it's normal, but to drink more water bc it may help & maybe lower or heighten my heel on my shoes. crazy bc i've completely stopped wearing heels since finding out. we'll see how it goes! how are you feeling now-a-days? pain still in full swing?


IsabellasMommy - December 3

Its still going on, sometimes stronger than others. My back hurt really bad with my last pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, so of course I'm worried about another one because of the pains, but on an oddly good note, my other symptoms are worse as well (nausea, sore bbs, fatigue). I'm not exactly sure how far along I am, according to last AF, I'm about 8 weeks, but when I had an ultrasound done on 11/25 they could see the sac, but didn't see anything inside, so I go back next week for another scan. So I'm thinking maybe I'm only like 6 weeks or so. The only shoes that I wear are regular tennis shoes, no heels at all. And if I drink too much water it makes the nausea worse, so I'm not really sure what else I can do to help it.



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