Hip Pain

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Allie - November 30

I am almost 11 weeks, and today I was having pains in my hip bones. I have heard of this happening later in pregnancy - has anyone ever experienced this early like this?


Shell - December 1

In my first pregnancy I had this early on and my OBGYN said it was the ligaments relaxing to get really for labor and in doing so nerves might be getting pinched. It was really painful but only lasted maybe 2 weeks. A good sign that your body is getting ready!


Celine - December 1

I had the same thing start happening around 11.5 - 12 weeks. I am now at 15 weeks and it is starting to feel a little better. I talked to my Dr and was told that this was perfectly normal. hope this helps.


Allie - December 1

Thanks. I was hoping it was just another part of pregnancy, but this being my first one I'm never sure if what I am feeling is normal.


hi allie - December 1

i have had it almost my entire pregnancy, and was wondering the same thing...and it is almost as if i have done a strenuous workout of some sort, when i obviously havent (hence the weight gain lol), but i find that if i have my husband rub my hips it helps. good luck to you...oh by the way, i am in my 12th week...hope this helps some.


mellissa - December 2

i am just approaching 7 weeks and i've been getting pains in my hips too. i don't remember having them this early when i was pregnant with my daughter, but i'm taking it as a good sign. :)


Nancy - December 2

I've had hip and lower back pain on the left side since the 7th week of my pregnancy. I'm now 13 weeks and the pain still exists. I found wearing flat shoes reduces the pain and not sitting/sleeping on that side. I just hope it doesn't get worse as I get bigger. :(


Chaney - December 2

Hi, I am almost 10 and also am having pains in my hips, pelvic and pubic region. I ask my doctor about it and she said it was normal, just things shifting around. Try not to worry to much.



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