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preggoplease - March 5

I will be 10 weeks on Thurs. and for the last few days I have felt little flutter down behind and a tiny bit above my pubic done. Could it be my bean moving? This is my second and I should know but I really can't tell. I have the flutters in my upper abdomen but I know thats gas, so now I'm not sure if its gas way down there or really my little bean. Anyone else feel it this early?


jessicaspatherapist - March 5

i guess anything is possible preggo. but i'm 19.5 weeks and still haven't felt too much movement, and i thought i was feeling something about 3 weeks ago. this is your second child though, so one never knows!


preggoplease - March 5

With my first I felt it at around 13 weeks and it was when I was getting an u/s done and the doctor does "did you feel that?" and I said "yeah but I thought it was gas" thats how I knew she was even moving already. But this is probably just gas because 9.5 weeks is still really early.


MrsShelton217 - March 5

I thought the same thing w/ my daughter. I had an ultrasound around 11 weeks and I thought I had a gas bubble moving around.. and by reflex i put my hand on my stomache, the US tech said... "you felt that??" I said yeah... thinking she may have seen the bubble of something if the wand had been in that direction. I didnt say anything else, and she was like " wow! i have never had anyone feel the baby move at 11 weeks!" I said... what? the baby? and she was like... yeah, you said you felt it... I just started grinning and was like... "I thought it was gas" She then turned the screen where i couldnt see it, and told me to tell her when i felt something... i told her a few seconds later that it felt like a gas bubble, and she said... "NOPE, thats the baby jumping"


jazminesmom - March 5

hey that could be your little baby. give it a few more days if you still feel it yeah its your baby. congrate on baby moving. well i am about to slap my brother in laws gf, she is actting stupid. ok she is 22 or 23 weeks preggo and has been put on bedrest untill further notice. yesturday she was laying on her stomache playing around and lifting my neice who is like 35 pounds, and brotherin laws gf is like only 110 or so pounds and has a little bump. and she is at risk for a stillborn and preterm labour cause she has a short cervix, i don't know what to do she is actting like nothing is wrong.


gaudior - March 5

I'm 10w2d, and I felt something like a flutter two days ago. It didn't feel like gas, which usually seems to "travel." This was in one spot just by my pelvic bone and was like a tickling for maybe 10-15 seconds. I thought there was no way it was the baby, but maybe it was???



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