Hom Much Weight Did You Gain At 2 Months

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erica - May 25

I'm 8 weeks and have gained 12 pounds.


patience - May 25

im 8 weeks today and haven't gained yet, although i am bloated as heck!


erica - May 25

I'm 8 weeks today to. I'm due January 4th.


Kristina - May 25

I am 8w6d and I am HUGE! I have gained 10-12lbs, but I am also carrying twins.


ERICA - May 25

kristina, when did you find out you were carrying twins. Do you feel different or how do you feel?


Eva - May 25

Im 9 weeks and have gained 5 lbs. Skinny woman tend to gain more weight than us "not so skinny" girls! =)


Melissa - May 26

I was just bloated and feeling fat until around 8 wks.....i am 10 wks now and have put on 5 kilos the past 2 weeks. Before i fell pregnant i went to the gym everyday to do cardio, i have a low body fat level for my size (not stick thin tho) so it is healthy for me to be gaining


Amanda - May 26

I am 9 weeks 3 Days and I haven't gained any weight. Although my tummy seems to be getting bigger...the rest of my body seems to be shrinking. Sounds strange I know


Kerri - May 26

I will be 9 weeks May 27 and I believe I have gained about 5-7lbs so far but its hard to tell because I bloat so much too right now almost double my size of what I am in the morning but I mainly try to watch what I eat and I'm due either Boxing Day or possibly New Year's but I find my pants are getting snugger and may have to get some maternity ones soon and I also work out almost every day but Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and do weights and half an hour of cardio.


Gina - May 26

9w2d 5-6 pds. Pants are tight. I look like I gained much more than I really did.


CHH - May 26

At 8w3d, I had gained 8 pounds. I ment to weigh this morning, but forgot. I have to try and remember to tomorrow. I'm now 9w4d


patience - May 26

I posted yesterday that i hadn't gained anything....at my official weigh in with the doc last Friday, i hadn't, but now my belly is just full of gas and im so bloated that maybe i have :( Erica, you and i are due on the same day!


erica - May 26

patience, is this your first baby?


Sue - May 27

So far - lost 3 lbs.


Jackie - May 27

I'm 12 weeks and I have gained three pounds


Tiffany - May 27

I am 7 weeks and have gained about 2 pounds. I am pretty sure it all went to my b___sts =). I am normally very thin so I am not sure how much I will be gaining. I walk 2-3 miles three times a week and got to pilates twice a week. Unlike my best friend who is also pregnant I have no morning sickness, in fact all I want to do is eat.



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