Hooo Haaa Pain

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wv_red - November 2

Ok this is actually a serious question. I have been having pains shooting on the right side of my hoo haa (va___a, hoo haa sounds better) its been freaking me out. I will be sitting here at my desk then it hits out of no where. Its enough to make you jump and see what the h__l you sat on. Is anyone else having this or know what it is? Is it good or bad? just a little freaked. I am 10w 4days if that helps. Thanks ladies!


Whisper - November 2

I had this too at one point, around 8-9 weeks... wasn't sure how exactly to explain it so never asked about it lol.. for me it kind of felt like just right to the side of it.. on the right as well, and its hard to explain it, but kind of a sharp pain right? I'm 10w now and haven't felt it in several days. I'm a__suming its something normal, maybe some sort of muscle or ligament stretching near the groin muscle or something. *shrugs* I feel better seeing that someone else has felt something similar though! =) Oh, and so far my pregnancy is going well as far as I can tell. My next appointment is at 11 weeks, so I'll know more then.


ChattyKathy - November 2

The only pain I've ever gotten down there has been from my cervix. This has happened with all my pregnancies, and its just due to how everything is changing down there. That is strange, though, that it seems to be a common thing. I'd still take it as a good sign that things ARE changing =)


newlywed0915 - November 2

so strange... I read this about 2 hours ago and thought to myself...." oh gosh that sounds painful...hope I don't get that" ....then I about 20 minutes ago... i had this shooting pain on the left side of my hoo haaa. Oh dear... lol! No fun! its almost like a pinch!


kay101 - November 2

Is it on the outside of your hoo haa or the inside or your hoo haa? haha I just wanted to say hoo haa. Anyway, with my daughter I had some shooting pains down there, but it felt more like kind of a quick stabbing pain in my cervix. Doc said it was just from the pressure and nothing to worry about.


jezebel1018 - November 2

if its your actual hoo haa it could be a pulled groin muscle but if its more internal maybe check w/the doc :)


HeavenisMine - November 2

I had some of this in my tenth and eleventh weeks, that and some vibrations down there, I had no idea what they were. I was told it was likely the extra blood flowing around in there. I have no idea what causes the shooting pains, but I am pretty sure they're normal.


wv_red - November 2

Ok I should of been more detailed about where it was. lol. It is on the side, outside of my hoo haa. And like some of you said it is more of a pinch. Glad I could bring a new word around! lol Thanks ladies!


Whisper - November 2

Yep, on the outside for me too. Like off to the side, near the crease where the area meets my leg sort of. Like a sharp poking, or yeah, a pinching I guess. I actually felt it again earlier when I was napping. I rolled over a certain way and moved my leg a certain way and started to feel it again lol. When I stretched my legs out, and did the full body stretch, and curled back up though, it stopped.


sarah21 - November 4

Yep been there done that. It goes away though.



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