Hooray 9 Weeks And Counting

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Lala - June 26

Hello, where are all you girls close to me in gestation? My due date is Jan 28, 2007. I'm just excited about getting closer to the second trimester, and all the fun that is to come: soon I'll hear the heartbeat via doppler, 12 week US, feeling movement, showing, etc, etc. How is everyone feeling?


trinadan - June 26

ill be 9 weeks on thursday 06-29.. i cant wait to get into the second trimester.. morning sickness is kicking my b___t... i have my first appointment tomorrow.. and i get an ultrasound,, i cant wait. im so excited but also nervous... i just cant wait to feel good...


babymama06 - June 26

I am 11w5d and am like you counting the day till I make it to that 2nd trimester...I want to start showing all that... I see pregnant women now and can't help but start conversation with them.... I love this! Very exciting times!


Lala - June 26

Hello ladies--Yes, very exciting time isn't it? Trinadan, yes you're likely to feel much better soon. Also, for me I feel like I'll worry less about MC once I get into the second trimester. The first trimester feels pretty scary sometimes.


Lala - June 26

Oh, and I forgot another exciting thing to come. I can't wait to find out the gender! I'm hoping for a girl. How about all of you?


RMC - June 27

I can't wait for the second trimester either, though I have a bit farther to go than ya'll as I'm only 6 wks and 1 day. I don't have any nausea, just exhaustion and sore b___sts, but I just want to make it safely to that 12 wk mark to decrease the chance of miscarriage. I had my second ultrasound today, due to low hcg levels, and I got to see the heartbeat, so that was exciting!


NURSEJ - June 27

i am 10 weeks due 1-20-07 i just heard my babies heartbeat today via doppler. it was so wonderful.


Lala - June 27

Welcome ladies!


Kelly S - June 28

hi just had my first ultra sound and my new edd went from jan 15th to jan 28 so guess im in this category. was so excited to see a heart beat even if the bub was bent and upside down lol


Lala - June 28

Wow, Kelly that's quite a change; no fun to go backwards. But, definatley great that you got to see your baby and everything looked good. You know, I am due on Jan 28 (26 according to the doc) too. If it helps you at all, I believe we conceived on May 7.


Lala - June 29

How is everyone doing today?


Lala - June 29

I had my first official doctor's appt today for the 10 week check. Got to hear the heart-beat from the doppler. It was a little hard to hear, but it was there! What a releif! It's hard not to worry when you have very little symtoms. I'll just count myself lucky. He also did a pelvic exam/pap smear. Everything went fine. Next, I have a 12 week US, and I see my doc again in 4 weeks for another routine check-up. So far, so good! How about all of you?


visa - June 29

Hi! Just glad I found this forum. I completed 9wks today and am waiting for the secong trimester so I could scream out that I'm pregnant!!!! I dont have MS or anyother sysmtoms except fatigue and c___ppy mood swings. II had a US in 7th wk and my heart skipped a beat when the doc told me she did not find anything except an empty sac. I was almost ready to cry but in seconds she found a heartbeat!! Am waiting for my next US which is two weeks from now! Are you guys excerising? I was doing pilate from a book but a friedn adviced me not to do anything new except walking in the first trimester....I wanna eat healthy and try to keep off the weight but with just walking for 30mins a day I dont see how:( Any suggestions?


Kelly S - June 30

lol ill tell the doc i decided i conceived may the seventh then lol i really dont know... its great that you heard the heart beat. i only kinda saw it..... if i didnt have a cold/flu i really dont think morning sickness would be an issue......


Lala - July 2

Kelly--they usually listen for the hb at around 10 weeks with just the doppler. Welcome, Visa. I, too, have had no MS.



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