HOPE 6wks4days Little Brown Discharge Sonogram OK

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teacherwoman - April 21

For all those out you who are like me and so worried about every little thing, I wanted to post a positive message to give you hope. At almost 7 weeks, I have felt no m/s, and only had tender bbs as a symptom (and increased appet_te!). Last night I had a nightmare that I had a miscarriage (probably b/c I read so many posts on here about it!!!), and this morning I saw a little brown discharge. I FREAKED out and called my doc, who said to come in just to make me comfortable. He did a va___al u/s, and said everything is A OKAY!!! I saw my little bean's heartbeat and everything! What a miracle! And he said sometimes the placenta attaching or the stretching of the uterus can cause light discharge. Also, my friend just had a beautiful baby girl, and she said she had spotting the whole pregnancy. SO - don't fear so much! Chances are, everything will be okay! (sorry so long, just thought everyone could use a positive story!)


electronicandy - April 21

Yep. Mmmhm! :) I had brown spotting around 6 weeks also, and it turned out to be nothing. I saw the heartbeat and everything a week later. :) I know how scary it is to have ANY kind of spotting, so this thread should be nice for lots of others out here. :P


ElizabethAnn - April 21

Thanks for your post teacherwomen! It's so good to read a positive story! Seems like everything on these post just scare the hell outta me these days. I'm 9weeks 4days today, and i've been having spotting for over a week now. I went in for an ultra sound and my doc said everything looked good and i saw the heartbeat. But she didnt really give me a reason and just sent me home! just said to call if it gets worse or get really bad cramping. so i've just been continuing to spot!!! it doesnt get worse just stays the same and come and goes! but today it started getting a little brown , rather than pink! I'm just driving myself crazy, i keep worrying the worst is gunna happen!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh and my next doc apt isnt for three weeks!!!!!!!! sorry so long i just needed to vent a little.. WHY CANT I JUST BE NORMAL AND NOT SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe sorry for the whinning... i just get soooooooo fusterated and everyone tells me "stop worrying blah blah blah" i try but its HARD!!!!


emilymalm - April 21

I had pink spotting at 6wks and at 8wks, and it scared the heck out of me. My OB thinks it was due to a stubborn yeast infection I had during that time. I'm 14wks and everything is wonderful now!


JAI - April 22

If it will make any of you feel better, I spotted brown from week 7 to week 9 every day straight. Today my son is just under 6 months old, beautiful healthy and wonderful. Of course I was a parinoid wreck when I was preggo and cannot blame anyone who is, but see it can all be worrying for nothing as I am a perfect example. Good luck to you all, I wish you all happy healthy pregnancies.


ElizabethAnn - April 22

thanks JAI, i'm sure everything will be ok, its just sooo hard not to worry. Congrats on your 6month little boy!!!!


Carazayladay - April 24

Well I get this brownish yellowish discharge.. Is this what you guys are talking about? Is that normal that it would be yellowish?? Plz answer THANKS


Carazayladay - April 24



ElizabethAnn - April 24

hey carazayladay, well i've had pink spotting, brownish spotting, and have had a little yellow discharge. My doc has told me everything looks good so far! and nothing has come up on my tests. so i think it is normal. But its always good to tell your doc about anything your concerned about so they can relieve your worst fears!!!! i was freaking out cause of spotting, but i am now three days spot free!!! yay!! so everything is going more smooothly!


Morrison1 - April 26

Did any of you who had the very light brown spotting also have VERY light cramping or pulling off and on. It makes sense that having a LITTLE of both could be ok...if the uterus stretches, there is a little crampy feeling and maybe a touch of bleeding, that shows a few days later as spotting? I don't know. I m/c in Feb and am 5w4d today. This is the day my m/c started last time, but yesterday I had some light pinkish/brown discharge that looked (and felt) like creamy cm. Then it turned to some very light brown spotting that showed up when I wiped a couple times. It has stopped...but (sorry if tmi) if I reach up there a little, I can kinda get some out...my cervix is pretty low, so it seems like it is kinda coming from there. Anyway...I am really trying not to freak out, but after spending months on these boards, you can't help but feel like it is a sentence of doom. ELIZABETH ANN...I am right with ya. Why, for the love of Pete, can't it just be normal?


ElizabethAnn - April 26

hi Morrison! I've had allll kinds of cramps and pulls and pains. My doctor said it was all normal... she just told me to call her if the cramps got really bad, or i started bleeding a lot. I had some pink spotting for about a week and a half.. then it turned kinda brownish, then it disopeared, now nothing for 4-5 days!!! yay!!!! this started at about 8 weeks, i called the doc and she had me come in just to make sure everything was ok, i had an u/s, and got to see the heartbeat!!!!!! made me feel ALOT better!! im now 10 weeks!!! 1/4 of the way done!!!!!!!!!! woohooooooooooooo hope all is well with you and your little growing bean!!! i know everyone says this, but try not to worry, i'm sure everything will be good!!!!


Morrison1 - April 26

Thanks Elizabeth!! That is great news...I appreciate the feedback. I can't help but almost obsess on everything I feel at this point...miscarriage will do that to a nice, innocent girl I guess. Congratulations to you and your peanut!! Yippee!!! 1 quarter down and 3 to go. You'd be on to the main course of chili by now if you were at a Superbowl party!


vickypops1 - April 26

I thought I was coming on my period at first as I had brown discharge this carried on for a week,did a preg test.I am between 5 and 6 wks preg and still havin constant brown dicharg.Last night I had blood too which has hopefuly now stopped(touch wood!)still got yuky brown though didnt have this with my daughter realy worried!


ElizabethAnn - April 26

vicky the best thing to do would call your doc and get an apt, so the doc can check everything out! I was a stress crazed women untill i went in. Getting reasurance from your doc makes you feel soooo much better! and makes time go by faster! other wise your sitting there feeling for any bit of pain or twinge or ache or pull! lol i was driving my fiancee crazy!!!!! he was like YOUR FINE! and i kept saying BUT WHAT IF.... BUT WHAT IF... hehe


Morrison1 - April 26

Well I thought I would let you know that my cramping and spotting turned out to be m/c number 2 for me. My hcg levels dropped to 22 from 140 last Friday. It's definitely hard not to think I have missed my baby making window since I am 36, but I am trying to keep hope alive and stay positive. I hesitated about writing this post because there is so much negative stuff out there for women who are searching for information when they have cramping and/or bleeding and/or spotting in the first trimester. Just remember that MOST people with positive stories are not on the intranet telling them. If you are looking for a place to calm your fears, the internet isn't always it. I know of many, MANY women who have spotted and/or bled and/or cramped in their first trimester or through their pregnancy and had beautiful babies. If you are here looking for answers, then something has you worried...NEVER hesitate to call your doctor and empower yourself by asking for blood tests, ultrasounds or other information. It's your body! Baby dust to all of you and good luck!


Morrison1 - April 26

Oh, and thank TEACHERWOMAN for starting a thread that is all about the positive. I don't want to ruin that, so keep it going girls! We need it!


ElizabethAnn - April 26

i'm soo sorry morrison! Don't give up! 36 is still young and you have many more baby making days! my prayers are with you!



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