Hormones Arguing

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Mrs.Neves - March 9

My husband and I are pregnant! Lately we have been arguing alot, most of the time its me freaking out on every little thing!! I am just wondering if anyone else has this problem? We love each other so much! I am just wondering if its just me reading into things way to much!! Advice please????


sfrog68 - March 9

I have not been arguing for say with my DH but just about everything he does irritates me to no end. I want to scream and yell but I am holding it back. It's nothing he doesn't do anyway so it is just my hormones making me crazy with the things he does. Try not to worry about it but talk with you DH and let him know that hormones have a way of making women different while PG. Good luck.


MrsShelton217 - March 9

I can completely relate to both of you. I love my husband and my daughter to death, but they are both driving me nuts! LoL


Mrs.Neves - March 9

I dont hold back! I lrt him have it! and I feel so bad! I cant even control my hormones one second I am happy the next I am bitter!! what do you guys do keep it under control? tips? How far along are you guys?


lmk - March 9

My first pg symptom was picking a huge all weekend long fight with dh about (of all things) his not worrying enough that we weren't getting pregnant! That was before I found out I was actually pg. Looking back it made sense that I got so angry from the hormones, but back then I just felt overwhelmingly right. Get your dh one of those books for expectant fathers...they're geared for guys and they talk about what to expect from a crazy pg woman! LOL.


bamm - March 11

I am a bit ashamed to admit I just had to walk out on my job the other day b/c I was afraid I might do or say something even more regretable.


micorazon - March 12

I can completely relate. I have been quite cranky and have been snapping at my dh as well. I had to apologize this weekend because I know I have been a bit of a pain. I think that mine is both hormones and the fact that Im nauseous all day and night. Not feeling well for several weeks will do it to you :-) I am actually looking for a book or something to give him so he can have a better understanding of what is going on with me. He asked me the other night if its going to be like this the whole pregnancy. I think he is starting to wonder what he has gotten himself into. :-)


Allisonc79 - March 12

You have to make him understand that pregnancy makes you very moody, and can cause you to be upset for no reason. Once they understand where your behavior is coming from, they will take it less personally. Sometimes having him talk to other women who can speak for you works better because he will realize it's normal and not to fret over the relationships long term health.



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