Horrible Cramps So Scared

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Amanda - January 16

I am haveing these horrible cramps in my left side. Sometimes they can be soo sore. It is just besdie my left hip area. I am only 6 weeks right now, and don't know if this should be happening. I haven't been getting morning sickness, nor any other symptoms i can think of. Just these cramps that are scarying me so badly. If anybody has some advice, would you please help me.


Brandi Nikki - January 16

I have been having the samething happen to me. today they got really bad.I believe c___ps are normal....but dont hold me to that. i have also had no symptoms....and am 6weeks today. it kinda worries me also


KLB - January 17

Since a week before I found out I was pg I had menstrual cramps EXACTLY like I was getting my period. And they still come and go (I'm 5 weeks).. My doctor said as long as there is no bleeding it is normal. Just uterus stretching


Deb - January 17

I don't want to worry you, but pain on one side could indicate that you are having an ectopic pregnancy. I would go to the doctor and get that checked out. Mild cramping in early pregnancy is normal, but horrible cramping on only one side is not. Good luck.


Jess - January 17

Amanda, any questions you may have., its important to talk to your DR about them, like deb said it could be an ectopic pregnancy.. however, it is completely normal to have cramping "pulling" feelings in your abdomen.. Your ligaments are stretching and muscle are getting ready for your new tenant. I am 10w +4d, and I have had these cramps since day one.. I have had 3 US and my baby could'nt be healthier!! So as long as the pain is not severe and you have had no bleeding, then I would'nt worry your self.. but talk to your dr, thats what they are their for,, even if you havent had an appt yet,, you can call and you will be surprised at how carring they will be.. Good luck and keep us posted!!



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