Horrible Headaches

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amy - July 28

i'm 4 weeks pregnant, almost 5....and i'm having horrible headaches, anyone else experiencing this?


Kara - July 28

Yep. Im almost 5 weeks too and have had headaches for a week and a half. I drink lots of water and i go to the chiropractor and that helps me the most.


amy - July 28

thanks kara. ive had it even before i got pregnant, 3 days in a row...then they went away, now it's back again. :(


amy - July 28

before i knew i was pregnant**


DC - July 29

Hey, I am 13 weeks pregnant and I still get headaches on some occasions. So you are not alone, I read that it is normal, but not everyone will have the same symptoms.


Maureen - July 29

Apparently it is very common to get headaches while pregnant. I never had them, thanks g-d but who knows if I get pregnant again what will be? Anyways, when I had migrains growing up (I don't get them anymore) I used to sit in a dark room and it really helped alot. Since we are not allowed any meds while pregnant, I think it's the only thing you can do at this point, unless somebody else has a better idea. Hope this helps.


DL - July 29

before I found out was pregnant I had constant headache. I am now 8 weeks and I found out i was pregnant when I was 6. I never knew that headaches was a symptom until now.


amy - July 29

yeah just like you DL i had a headache everyday for 3 days, non stop....then i found out i was pregnant, and realized oh thats why!


Emily - July 29

I am 12 weeks and have had a permanent headache for the past 12 weeks. Everyday ALL day and it never stops it never goes away! I am forcing myself to drink tons of water, which I never did. Maybe 1 gla__s a day before. With 2 kids I just didn't think about it. Today it isn't as bad but it's only lunch and I have had 4gla__ses! It is a tiny bit better. I feel your pain. It's been really rough with no relief.


amy - July 29

aww emily, im sorry bout the headaches...hopefully it'll get better for you. atleast people shares my pain, haha.



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