Horrid Indigestion

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butterflies - July 9

Does anyone else have this at only about 7 weeks? I feel absolutely fine until I eat something and then I just want to die. It REALLY sucks because I am hungry a lot, but over the last few days, whenever I eat I get this horrible horrible indigestion. And at night I seem to get it even worse plus gas! Any suggestions to help this. I don't really know what foods to avoid, because honestly, everything I see on TV looks absolutely delicious and I am starving as we speak because I don't want to feel bad.


ca8 - July 9

Hi, I am almost 10 weeks along. I don't know if my symptoms are like yours, but whenever I ate it felt like all my food was stuck in my upper abdomen. I felt like a heavy weight was there and hurt so bad. I finally called my doctor and they gave me a prescription called Prevacid, which has helped. I now just have to put up with the horrid morning, noon, and night nausea and vomiting.


shalyn - July 9

I am 6 weeks along and have been having the same problem. The indigestion got so bad that it was waking me up at 5am every morning. I just started taking rolaids chewables last week and they have really helped. I also heard of something called Gaviscon that is really good. It costs about $10 per bottle and if you take it before you eat its supposed to provide a coating that doesn't allow the acid to come back up and cause the indigestion. You can also talk to your doc about what he may be able to prescribe. I am hungry ALL the time, so I definitely had to do something about it.


Suzy0117 - July 10

My heartburn started immediately when I was about 4 weeks pregnant (I'm 8 weeks now). It was there whether I ate bland food, drank water, and even when I ate or drank nothing at all. I tried every OTC available. I've lost 6 pounds in the past month because of my reluctance to eat and dehydration started to become a problem. I talked to my OB who put me on Nexium, which is a category B drug. Incidentally, many of the OTC drugs pregnant women take for heartburn/indigestion are also category B. Nexium is an acid reducer, like Prilosec (which is category C), so it takes care of the problem where it starts. The way my OB looked at it was that I wasn't getting the proper nutrition I (and the baby) need, so something more needed to be done. So far, so good. I've even gained a pound in the past three days!



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