Hot And Cold During The Night 7w

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maria - March 7

Hi, I have been getting really hot and waking up hot (which I think is normal)- but I have also been waking up shivering at night.. room temp is a little on cold side but nothing bad and we have a really warm comforter and flannel sheets.. It's odd since I wake up shivering (and I am covered) and an hour later burning up.. my sleeping has gotten really bad as the weeks progress.. anyone else or know anyone who switches from hot to cold? Maria


Mary - March 7

I am cold all the time - but then again I am in the snow belt!


Allie - March 7

I have been back and forth as well; I am normally always cold, but now the normones are playing havic...from what all my friends with children tell me it's completely normal :)


Autumn - March 8

At least I know that I'm not the only one! I've been complaining to my husband for two weeks about how unbearably hot the house is, and I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since I found out I was pregnant. I saw my doctor for the first time yesterday and he a__sured me that while it was unpleasant, it's totally normal. It's good to know there's someone else out there who's as miserable as I am!


Kim - March 8

I am usually always hot and I have been either hot or cold over the past few weeks, but never comfortable. I'm in my 7th week.


Mum2be - April 1

I keep getting cold shivers during the day and evening then very hot during the night. I am 6 weeks is every think ok?


**L** - April 1

I'm the same way, I find myself kicking all the covers off one minute, just to be searching around for them the next. I'll be freezing watching tv, so I'll cover up with a blanket & turn the fireplace on just to be opening the doors letting in cold air 10 minutes later. It's crazy! I'm 5w3d


Gwiip - April 1

Its normal just the pregnacy hormones kicking in. The progesterone heats your system you feel hot then sudenly cold becouse the level of hormone has dropped a smidgen. You get the same thing at menopause becouse the hormone is dropping rather than rising. Some people don't notice it others carry around a blanket. There is a theory these flushes get worse around six months if you are having a boy. Or they are just plain bad the whole time if you are having a girl. (Unproven)


Bertha - April 20

Hi, I am always cold, the temp. is about 70 outside & I am cold.. My co-workers are complaining that I have the heater on and its too hot for them. For me its just perfect..I am glad I am not the only one that is cold..I thought something was wrong with me...


crystal - April 20

Thank god u guy's feel like this too. I thought I was going crazy. I get really hot at night and I always tell my husband to put the air down to 65 and he hates that b/c he's always freezing, but he did some research and found that when your pregnant your metabolism seeps up so u tend to get hot.


Dani - April 21

Autumn & Maria, you definitely eased my worries about losing sleep. I just found out I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and I haven't been sleeping really good. Last night I went to bed at 10, woke up for a minute around 12 midnight and then woke up again at 3:30 and stayed up until 4:30 is this normal?



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