Hot Baths Now I Am Scared

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Karie - August 11

I am a bath taker--no shower in my house--and yes, I like them hot. I just took a bath as normal, and my oral temp went from 98.4 before to about 98.8 in the tub/just afterwards. (I got out as I was starting to feel hot, and didn't want to do any damage!) I have been taking these types of baths since I conceived and now don't know if I have done any harm to my little one. icon_sad.gif I keep telling myself that the consensus seems to be 101 degree body temp is when damage may occur, that bath water doesn't stay that hot forever, and that the body tells you when you're overheating--I think I got hotter today doing my "experiment" than I ever have before. Plus, the tub is never upper body is always above to help keep me cool, and I usually don't stay in that long. Can anyone shed any light on this? Please?


Lisa D. - August 11

Although everything encourages you not to take a bath (those people are a__suming you have an option). The good news is, everything I have read, and the Prenatal cla__s instructor at Kaiser, said not to get your body temp over 100.4. Going forward I would try to keep the temp a bit lower than your desired for a nice hot bath, but I would not worry about damage it doesn't sound like you have gotten your temp over 100 since conception so all should be fine. Nice to know you love your little one and don't want to cause he/she any harm. Congrats to you.


Ashley - August 12

I have a book that says this: "Anything that raises the body temperature over 102 degrees and keeps it there for a while - whether it's a dip in the hot tub or an extremely hot bath, too long a session in the sauna or steam room or an overzealous workout in hot weather - is potentially hazardous ...." Then it goes on to say that it take like, 10 min to raise a woman's body temp to that in a hot tub (at least) and longer if the shoulders and body aren't underwater or the water temp is less than 102 degrees. I have been in a hot tub and I have a jacuzi bathtub at home but I find myself geting tooooo warm too fast - I have no idea what my body temp is, but I know before it gets to 100 I'm going to be WAY uncomfortable and long gone. I find I can overheat in a shower now - it really can happen anywhere! They used to discourage running because they thought it hurt the baby and raised body temps, but you have to have a medical condition to raise your temp that high or be running at noon or something. My sis-in-law ran 3.5 miles the day before she gave birth to both her kids. Me and dh keep our house at 78 and sometimes I'm sweating so bad I think I have a fever but my temp is only 98, -so it's just hormones going crazy. I think you are fine, just listen to your body! :)


Kathy - August 12

I too have read many books now and they all say something to the effect that Bath water can not get hot enough to hurt you as a hot tub would. I even have a book that says you can get in a hot tub but for short amounts of time. I'm sure you are fine but to keep your worries down I'm like Ashley, I would reduce the temp just a bit.


to karie - August 13

not sure if this helps but this is what i was told. Our body temps after hot baths, hot tubs, hot water pools continue to rise even after you get out so you have to be careful. Its smart to keep your upper body out to keep you cooler but the baby part, the sensitive part is IN the hot water. I take warm water therapeutic gentle aquafit (avg's 94-96 degrees) with 1/2 my body out of the water and never to the point where i am out of breath. It's just very easy stretches and i was told i am safe in the warm water andit wont hurt the baby.


Angela - August 23

I'm really scared because I went in a hot tub twice when i was 4 weeks pregnant. The water temp was like 102 or 103 and I was in there a good 10-15 minutes. I didn't know I was pregnant. I am so scared if it only takes 10 minutes for you temp to rise to 102!


Lisa D - August 25

Angela don't stress. All of the recommendations are to make an "ideal" house for your little one. There are tons of stories about drug addicts that clean up in their second trimester and their babies are fine, or people that got drunk at 4 weeks not knowing they were pregnant, all went well. Just be aware of what you do going forward. People have been having healthy babies for years before all of these books and recommendations came out. I still say follow them, but don't stress about something you can't change. I feel strongly that it was so early, you will be fine. Good luck.



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