How Accurate Is An U S In Determining Fetal Age

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Amy - May 8

I'm having an ultrasound on Monday to determine the age of my baby. They think I'm further along than what I think. My hcg levels were high at 5 weeks and at 8w 4d and heard the heartbeat with a doppler. I dont know if my dates are off so they ordered an ultrasound. First does it sound like I'm farther along and two how accurate will the ultrasound be? Any help would be great and good luck to you all.


B - May 8

From my experience, very accurate! The earlier in the pregnancy the better. Let us know how the US turns out.


C - May 8

Ultrasounds are pretty accurate from my experience as well...even determining the s_x of baby!!


to amy - May 8

i'm having an u/s monday as well for the same thing. i have no idea what my LMP was because I have abnormal uterine bleeding... so let's compare notes on monday... ok! - d


Amy - May 8

Thanks for the help ladies. I really appreciate it. D- we will definetely compare notes tomorrow. I have had some spotting/light bleeding 5 or 6 times so far, so that has me kind of anxious about things also. I'm just ready to see the baby and know that for now things are okay. I heard the heartbeat last Monday which helped alot with the worries I'd been having because of the bleeding but still I think it'll make all the difference to actually see the heart beating...So how far along are you? Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the u/s. :)


D - May 8

I have no idea how far along I am. The last u/s I had they said they saw a sac with no baby in it...and i have low HCG levels so I'm just hoping I'm very early on in the pregnancy right now and that is why. Hopefully I'll know more tomorrow. I've been spotting too a little bit, but with my abnormal uterine bleeding it seems I'm always spotting... so that makes me nervous. Talk to you tomorrow!


Michelle - May 9

You have to remember that the measurements they use in determining the age of the fetus is just an average or rule of thumb. For me it is showed me at 7 weeks when I was 9. I know for sure the date of my last period and the dat I got pregnant because I was writing everything down. I spoke to my midwife about it and she said to go off my dates not the u/s. I also found this great article about ultrasounds it is:


Heidi - May 9

I had an ultrasound at 11 wks and they said the baby was 12 wks. My midwife said to just go off my lmp which is accurate, and not the ultrasound.


Amy - May 9

Thanks for the input ladies. I had my ultrasound today and the baby is doing great :) They dated my pregnancy at 10 weeks and going by my lmp I figured that I should be 9 weeks and 4 days today so my dates were pretty much right on. It was so amazing. I could see the whole baby really clearly. The little arms and legs were moving and he/she was bouncing around all over the place. They said that the heartbeat looked great and the babys size is just where it should be. I feel 100 times better after getting to see my little one and see for myself that things are going okay. I hope you are all doing well and I will talk to you again soon...D how did things go today?


Ca__sie - May 9

I just had my first ultrasound today. According to my lmp, I had figured I was at 10 weeks, but after the ultrasound, the doctor said I was actually only 9 weeks. The baby is fine though and we even saw it move around a little. It was pretty amazing to be able to see our little baby!


Bump - May 11




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