How Are You All Getting So Many U S And HcG Tests

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Seal - April 26

Just wondering! (I'm jealous) I saw my family doc at 6 wks. He sent me for the usual blood tests, but not HcG. I asked about it and he said, "no, no need to test for that unless we suspect a problem". Then he said, "okay, see you in a month". He also said that the obstetrician won't see anyone before 12 wks. The first u/s i think i'll get is when i will do the Integrated Prenatal Screening at 11.5 wks when they will also do blood tests for downs, spinabifida, etc. So, I'm wondering, how are you guys all getting these u/s every week?


ElizabethAnn - April 26

hello seal!! I think it all depends on your doctor! I think my doc is obsessed with u/s's.. She has one in her office and i think she gives you one everytime you go in!!!! (which i dunno if thats good, ive read u/s arnt the best thing for the baby) but who know's everyone says everhthing is bad these days, and u/s always makes me feel better to know everything is ok. I had my first at my 6 w apt. then again at 8 weeks, only because i had some bleeding. and my next apt isnt untill 12 weeks, so she told me to come back in a month. however this doc isnt my general doc. when i found out i was preggers i found an ob/gyn doc. and didnt even call my GP cause i dont like her!!! hehehe I was never told my HCG levels though. so i dunno why everyone else talks about all there numbers either!! also, i think women who've had m/c is the past get a lot or testing then women who havent had one. Just my thoughts!


michellep - April 26

I agree with Elizabeth. A lot of people's insurance don't cover more than one or two u/s. My doctor only gives two regularly-one right away to determine due date, and one at 20 wks. I had blood tests and they never told me HCG levels. I think if you have problems, then they give you more u/s to check to make sure everything is ok.


linzee - April 26

i went in for my first appointment at about 8 weeks and had an ultrasound, where i saw the baby and its heartbeat and was told everything looks perfect for around 7/8 weeks. my next appointment isnt until may 10, where i'll be about 14 1/2 weeks. im not sure if they'll do an ultra sound than! i had blood work done too at my first, but they didnt tell me my HCG levels, so im a__suming everything was fine.


frankschick2001 - April 27

SEAL: My doc checks everything right off the bat. HCG, progesterone, weekly ultrasounds in early and late pregnancy etc. It depends on your doc. If this is what you want, find a doctor that will give this to you. My doctor ordered quant_tive HCG tests from the lab BEFORE he even saw me! Progesterone too. HCG levels are important to ease my mind that things are moving along. Low HCG can also be an indication of a threatened miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. No, low HCG does not automatically indicate this, but it's just one of those things that give doctors more information. My first blood test gave us the progesterone level and HCG level. Then before my first u/s appt (Monday) I had another blood test to make sure the HCG level was rising as it should. It really eased my mind knowing that so far, so good.


srigles - April 27

Hi Seal. I had an u/s at 7 weeks b/c I had some light bleeding. My doctor said that normally I wouldn't have one until about 18 weeks unless he suspected something was wrong. I also don't see an obstetrician until about 6 months, apparently. Hope this helps!


Dee - April 27

To make you feel better my 1st dr appt. was the same way he asked alot of quesitons and took blood and set up my next appt for when I would be 12 wks along. He said insurance only covers one or two and that as long as I am not bleeding/cramping there are no problems and that I am pg. I look forward to hearing a heart beat or seeing tthe baby so that it makes it more real for me yeah know? Anyway your not alone I'm jealous too.


squished - April 28

I had an u/s at 7w4d b/c I have a didelphic uterus, so they had to check to make sure the baby stuck in the right place. My dr. did in a little quick in office one at 10w, but I don't think that we have another big one until 20w. I was never told my hcg levels b/c my doc said only those that have had problems are checked.


mandee25 - April 28

I am in eastern Canada and my doctor isn't sending me for my first u/s until I am 20 weeks which really sucks because it seems like forever!!! I don't know how you girls get so lucky getting your u/s earlier and more often.


Chas - April 29

Seal, don't worry about it!!! Goodness.. I wish I wouldn't have had one so soon.. and when I get pregnant again, I WON'T get one until I am at least 10 weeks. I got one at 6 wks 6 days and they weren't able to see anything yet... so that just led into one big roller coaster ride of worrying and stressing from week to week. I had 4 u/s's in about a month's time. I did end up having a missed mc and a d&c. But.. the point is I worried and stressed for weeks, which couldn't have been good for my baby. We saw the heartbeat at 6 wks and it must have died right after that. I started spotting and cramping 3 weeks later. I was 11 weeks when I had my d&c. I think doing ultrasounds too early can cause too much added stress. I don't think it caused my miscarriage, because if it was going to happen, it would have anyway. I just won't go through all of that again!! next time around, I will wait to go to the doctor unless I feel something may not be right.


scarlett - May 1

I think it depends on your doctor and the country you're in. Over here, I DON'T get u/s every week. I'm 14weeks along, and I only got my FIRST u/s last week. I NEVER had a hcg test done. Over here, they will only take your hcg count if you're having problems or if they suspect the pregnancy is not developing properly. Otherwise, there's no reason to do so. I'd LOVE to get a u/s every week, though, just to see that my baby's ok! =)


iakram - May 1

Hi Seal like the ladies have said before it's standard to get the 1st one at 12 weeks - unless God forbid something goes wrong. I had a bit of spotting so to put my mind at ease the Dr sent me for a 9 week U/S just to be sure everything was okay. Getting a U/S at 6 weeks isn't that best idea...sometimes they can't detect the HB until a bit later on...or see the yolk and only see a sac and this feaks more women out then put them at ease. That's why by the time you'll get yours the baby's HB will be present - so why worry yourself?


aggie03 - May 1

I also get u/s and blood work(if I want) everytime I go to the Dr. The ObGYN center I go to has about 6 dr so they can afford to have in house u/s (covered by most insurance plans through co-payment). If your that interested in having these opprotunities (I think it is great that I get to see the baby changing every two weeks, also I had a fever one and even though my dr. said nothing to worry about he let me come in for u/s just to easy my worry) research other drs in you area. Also call your insurance and see what they cover. If you only have to pay one copay, look for drs that do inhouse u/s and blood work!! good luck


Seal - May 2

Hi everyone, Thanks for responding. I have my next appt on Monday May 8th. I probably won't have an u/s before 11 wks unless there is a problem (knock on wood, there won't be). There is no u/s machine in the GP's office, it is in a separate lab that requires a separate appt. I'm hoping at my Monday appt that I will be able to hear the heartbeat because I know they have a doppler there. I know this sounds super-paranoid, but I just need PROOF that there is a baby in there!!!!! lol


Jen01 - May 3

Don't be jealous. the only reason I've had so many is because I spotted with my first preg which ended in a miscarriage. And I'm now spotting with my second.



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