How Bad Did I Screw Up Last Night

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Jenn - January 6

We're trying desperately to conceive after a miscarriage. I know that I was ovulating yesterday (finally got a positive on the predictor test) - so we planned to do some baby dancing last night. Unfortunately, I was feeling the effects of the previous two nights efforts and thought that a little KY would ease the entry. I didn't use it inside - just dabbed it on my exterior, but later realized that it had all gone inside during the dancing..... I know that KY hinders sperm mobility. Do you guys think that I really messed things up by using some on the outside ? Did anyone here conceive after using KY ? I'm so mad at myself right now - I should have just toughed it out. Please someone respond and let me know if you think that last night was a wasted effort. I'd like to think that there's a good chance many of the sperm were able to swim where they need to be..... but I'm worried now.


Jenny - January 6

My husband and I used KY everytime we had s_x. I am now 5 weeks pregnant..:)


margo - January 6

KY doesn't have spermicide in it. You should have had a possible baby dance disco, no problem! Good luck.


margo - January 6

forgot - my husband and I use KY, too, and we're six weeks.


Jenn - January 6

Thanks for the good news. I'm still nervous and mad at myself. Everything on the internet says that that stuff is horrible to use while trying to conceive. I'm hoping that, because I only used a minimal amount on the exterior, it didn't mess things up too badly. BUT I also know that I'll worry about this for the next two weeks until I find out for sure !! Wish me luck.


kashi - January 6

what is ky?


margo - January 7 husband actually had asked the pharmiscist if it contains anything prohibiting conception - it really will be fine, and you dont need to be worrying over it (although that way it DOES take your mind off TTC!!!!)


To Jenn - January 7

Don't worry your self about it too much at all. They say the best time to do the dance if you are ttc is the day before your ovulation anyway. So if you had done it the night before you are totally fine and on the go! And the KY does not cause enough damage to worry your self...It might hinder the mobility of the smow swimmers...but the good strong ones will be just fine ;o)



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