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CourtneyHope - August 6

My husband and I went in for our fist sonogram yesterday and it was amazing! We saw our baby's heartbeat (146) and saw our little bean! It was the most beautiful thing we've ever seen, so exciting. Our due date is March 21st, and I am seven weeks 4 days today! How is everyone else doing?


KristineTM - August 6

Wonderful news! I went today and had my first u/s. I am only 4 weeks 5 days and I saw the cutest dot in the world! lol I have had my share of losses and It is nice to talk about good news for a change!


decbaby - August 6

hello countryhope, congrats on the pregnancy and yey about the heart beat, its so refreshing to hear some good news really just gives so much hope, i too am about 7 weeks 4 days today, my doc told me at my last u/s that my due date is the 22nd march, except it was still too early to hear a heart beat, so i cant wait to hear it my next appt. will be on Monday the 11th, so hopefully i'll come back here and be able to post some good news too, my last preg was a b/o. Kristine congrats to you too im sure that the dot was beautiful and hopefully will turn into a more beautiful baby soon. i really like this thread its so cheerful i hope that it will stay alive for some time. baby dust and best wishes to all.


CourtneyHope - August 6

Congrats to both of you as well. It is hard to read about all the negative threads and hope that things will go well for you, we tried for a year and a half to conceive and I was always in the 'Problems Getting Pregnant' forum. I appreciated that because it was nice to see that other people were going through what I was at the time. It is just nice now to go to an extremely positive forum....I agree we should keep this going...decbaby especially since we are so close in our due dates we should keep it up and chat about symptoms and all the wonderfuls. KristineTM, woohoo on your little dot!!! It is so exciting, and we are lucky to be able to share this with others!


decbaby - August 6

speaking of symptoms mine have been really bad today, i've been extremely nausiated all day, threw up twice and i feel sooo sick. In a way that makes me more relaxed as it is a sign that im still pregnant and all but at the same time i feel really tired and exhausted not to mention so emotional. what have been you symtoms so far, give some details.


CourtneyHope - August 7

I have been nautious, more with the diahrea though...I feel like I have to puke, but it always exits the other way. I am tired all the time too, I have no energy to do anything! My pants/underwear are getting a little snug around the waist too. Other than that, just seeing the heartbeat makes me ecstatic to know that we are on our way out of the danger zone!


decbaby - August 7

courtney, you are definetly so right hearing the heart beat must give you a lot of comfort im sure i cant wait to hear ours too, Monday seems so far away i cant wait. speaking about clothes and so mine still fit just fine im actually losing kilos not gaining i've lost 3 kilos so far about 6 pounds i think, but i just cant wait to start showing im dying for a big beautiful belly. my height is 5,6 or 1.68 meters and i weigh 150 pounds so im not too thin but i hope that ill start showing soon. that is all ofcourse after hearing the heart beat and the doc reasuring me that all is well hopefully. so when is you next appt and what are you hoping for a boy or girl?


CourtneyHope - August 7

I am honestly hoping for a healthy baby, but I can't help looking at the cute little girly things either! What are you hoping for? Is this your first? I definitely do not weigh 150 pounds...kinda more, but since my last doctor's visit I have lost 3 pounds...its weird. My next appt is the 2nd of Sept, just for a monthly checkup. When are you due? Is this your first?


Zoey06 - August 7

Hi girls, I would love to join this forum, its sounds very exciting and supportive. I am 8 weeks and 5 days but feeling like I am more. I have already dug out the maternity clothes and can honestly say I have begun to wear a few. My pants are just too tight. My shirts are now begining to look too tight also so I might not be able to hide this pregnancy very much longer. I am 5'7 and normally weight abot 198. I am now 203 in the mornings and about 207 in the evenings. I'm a little concerned about my weight gain...but what can I do? My belly is already starting to push forward which is odd I think. This is my second pregnancy and my due date is March 14.


decbaby - August 8

hello ladies, courtney i'm due 22nd march, at least that's what the doc told me last time, but i think he'll confirm it at my next appt, when we are supposed to hear the heart beat so ill be more sure about the due date by then hopefully, as for the the gender i REALLY dont care at all, the only thing im praying for is a healthy baby, and yes this is my first so that makes me even more anxious for either s_x doesn't really matter at all. oh how old are you by the way im 25. do you think its normal for the symptoms to have ups and downs, i mean im not as nausicous as i was two days ago and im kinda worried not that im not a bit reliefed just want to make sure all is well, i cant seem to stop worrying about every thing. zoey congrats on your lovely new additon, you're defiently more than welcome, and you're lucky that you've started showing i can't wait to start showing too, you mentioned that this is your second whats the gender of you first and how old is he/she? well hope that you are are doing great and enjoy your weekends. oh and courtney i forgot to ask is this you first too?


Zoey06 - August 8

My first I had a set of twins, 2 boys and they are now 31 months. One of them was born with down syndrome the other perfectly healthy. We love them both so much...and even all we went through we wanted to add another addition to our family. I wouldn't worry to much about your symptoms because they say the father along you get the better you should feel. Also with the morning sickness it could just be your diet. Maybe you are eating less greasy foods that make you nausea or not taking in as much iron. I know it hard not to worry though, cause I have been so sick and I keep saying well at least I know that baby is still holding on in there! HAHAHA...crazy i know but I have had a few miscarriages so i guess it's normal to worry.


decbaby - August 8

my husband is kinda dying for twins he keeps asking me all the time do you think the doc might still tell us that there are two sacs not one, is there still a possibility that we can have twins, it kind of drives me crazy and annoys me cuz i think we should be grateful if God just blesses us with one healthy baby at a time and his mom too keeps say oh i wish you get twins ehhh so frustrating as one wownt be enough. well anyways i'll be content with what ever God gives me.


CourtneyHope - August 8

I must say that I have big b___sts originally, but they are already uncomfortable in the newest bras I have (that had room a couple weeks ago)!!! Has anyone used maternity bras, or has heard of anything that's more comfortable than the typical underwire....i'm miserable! ( but still ecstatic to be a future mommy!!)


decbaby - August 9

hello all, its so exciting to see how many others are there with you on the same boat, hope that it will be a smooth ride for every one, im going to try to make my appt tommorrow instead of monday cuz one day sooner makes a lot of difference i mean that means one day less waiting im sure you all know what i mean, i keep you all updated and i hope that we will all have nothing but good news to share through out our pregnancies.


KristineTM - August 13

Courtney......I have the same problem! nothing is helpign and I swear they are growing every day! lol If I find anything helpful I'll let you know! COngrats to everyone so far!


CourtneyHope - August 13

Thanks KristineTM! Nice to know someone is going through the same thing! I also have had a lot of pimples all over! I am getting them on my chest, on my back, more on my face!!! I have never had them anywhere other than my face! Even then, they are few and far between! Yikes!


meganmacg - August 13

Courtney- I've been getting pimples on my forehead and in my hairline (nowhere else yet, knock on wood). This is completely uncommon for me. I feel your pain!



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