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gina143 - May 2

how did you know you were pregnant? first signs.....


sunshyne9 - May 2

I knew because I was tired tired tired and when I was pregneat with my daughter I had really bad gag reflexes and once again they came back. Also my bbs were very sore and tender. Peeing also in the night which is not normal fo rme.. the normal things that happen lol lol


olivia - May 2

I had a bad stomach virus and the nausea never quite went away. Finally my husband started dancing around accusing me of being pregnant -- he was right!


18wbabynov - May 2

i missed my period... then started with the soar bbs, then started getting nausea... and it stayed for a while... then i just took a test!


Steff - May 2

I am 6 weeks today. My nipples strted getting sore around 9dpo. But then it went away. More frequent headaches and thirst!. That's all.


gina143 - May 2

well one of my b___sts hurts.. the nipple is sensitive and its kinda burning.... my b___bs are def. a little bit bigger.... what do you think?


olivia - May 2

take a test! There is really no way to know usually because pms and early pregnancy symptoms are so alike. Good luck!


gina143 - May 2

take a test even if its just one b___st that hurts?


olivia - May 2

It it is the only thing that will put your mind at rest why not find out? Have you missed a period? Your symptoms can just as easily be pms, so it is really the only way to know. Are you ttc? Did you have unprotected s_x about 2 weeks after your last period? If so, take an ept test and find out :)


tndrlvn - May 2

i had a really wierd night...i was due for my bbs hurt but that had been sign for my cycle to i wastn' thinking i was....then the night i was due i cramped and thought oh yeah i'm getting my period....i went to the washroom....sure enough there was blood on the TP...i ran to the store to get stuff cuase i am a procrasitnator hahahahha......went home put on a light day pad............and had nothing else for 4 days......bbs still hurt....finally i took a test and got my GBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now 9 Weeks......and was only 4 1/2 to 5 when i found out for sure.


tndrlvn - May 2

ohhhhhhh and not me noticing......but my dh asked me why i was so tired lately......go figure he would realize something like got me thinking.....he said that 2 days after my blood on tp.....


linzee - May 2

i went out with a bunch of girlfriends about 2 weeks before i was due to start, and my nipples were a little sore and i was feeling quesy, and i didnt want anything to drink whatsoever, so all my friends started teasing me about being pregnant. i took a test 4 days before that came back negative, took one 2 days before that had a faint line, than 3 days later took one and it was a very defined!


frankschick2001 - May 2

I had no symptoms besdies a missed period. I am only 6 weeks now, and the nausea has somewhat started. Usually as I am eating I might start to get a gaggy feeling. And the last two days I have been dizzy and have a cloudy feeling in my head. Just a general feeling of icky-ness.


MM - May 3

I couldn't rely on a missed period - my periods are so out of whack, I've gone six months before without one. But I was just getting over a cold & felt like I was coming down with the flu - nausea (my husband had just had it) but I was getting a lot of sleep & still feeling sick all day - especially when I smoked. I became suspicious & took a test - so I didn't know until I was almost 8 weeks.


electronicandy - May 3

lol If you must know... for me it was the frequent headaches and horrible gas. lol They just seemed to hit me during the month I found out, and then I missed my period and realized I was right :)


jnine29 - May 3

i was SICK could not keep anything down with my son ,but this time i'am very very tired due to the fax that i'am going 2 have TWINS due on november the 6th :D


Perl - May 4

Gina I'm in my 11th week and for the longest time only my right b___b was sore. I was worried about the left one thinking it wouldn't be able to produce milk or something. Anyway, the left one starting hurting a few weeks ago although the right one is definitely the sorest one of the two. My first sign of being pregnant was my period being 3 days late which is very unusual for me. Next was my lower energy level and my need for naps. Nausea didn't come for me until later. Have you tested yet?



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