How Did You Feel The First Time You Heard The Heartbeat

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mandee25 - May 11

I couldn't help giggling when I heard the baby's heart beat for the first time. It was so amazing! My husband was able to hear it as well. My doctor told me not to laugh or anything but I couldn't help it. I was so happy that there was actually a baby in there because I wasn't feeling very pregnant at all. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow.


mandee25 - May 11

I also want to know when you first heard the hb and what the rate was. Mine was at 12 weeks 3d and the hb rate was 150 bpm approximately.


Erynn21 - May 11

I heard the heartbeat @ 10wks. and my hubby and I both got all teary-eyed(actually I get teary just thinking about that moment). I actually forgot to ask what the heartbeat was, but after that it's been 160 almost everytime. I'm 23wks. just wait till your 20 wk u/s that is amazing seeing your baby, WOW! Our little girl opened her mouth and sucked her thumb, it's so crazy.


Jen01 - May 11

ecstatic!! I heard it at 6w4d due to spotting early on. We did an uls and saw the little hb and heard it! That was the best feeling in the world after all that worrying. I think it was 160? Can't remember right now.


Jennifer28 - May 11

I was SO happy I cried and laughed at the same time. So did dh. ;) I was so overjoyed I forgot to ask what the rate was. Next appt. in a couple of weeks so I'll be sure to pay more attn. to #'s then. :)


Jennifer28 - May 11

BTW- I am 10w 4d. :)


shyann - May 11

I heard my baby's heartbeat at the Dr's office when I was 9 weeks and heard it again at my U/S when I was 14weeks the heart rate was 152bpm it was amazing


Lilu - May 11

I was 9 weeks and the baby's heart rate was 175. I cried...


linzee - May 11

i heard the heartbeat for the first time yesterday! my first appointment it was to early, so yesterday, at 13w1d, i heard it. i was scared to death she wouldnt be able to find it and was holding my breath. she found it right away tho. it was almost surreal for me. the DH couldnt get off, so my mom was with me and she teared up. no one told me how many bpm it was, but i asked her if it was ok, and the doctor said it was good and strong!


christan10 - May 11

I heard my babys heartbeat today, my ultrasound showed i was 5w4d and the babys heartbeat was 107, which they said was about normal for 5w.


mandee25 - May 13

Wow such quick responses! I can't wait until my next appointment so I can hear it again. My doctor found it right away and I was really nervous she wouldn't be able to for some reason but it was there loud and strong! Happy pregnancy everyone!


CrystalH - May 15

I saw my baby’s heartbeat at 7 weeks (I had an u/s so early because I had a miscarriage in late December when I was 12 wks, 3 days). The rate was 153 BPM. I was absolutely ecstatic!!! My husband and I just sat there with grins on our faces from ear to ear. We were so nervous before the appt (because of last time) so it was incredibly wonderful for us to hear!!! I just had a 2nd u/s on Friday, when I was 9 wks, 5 days. The heart rate was 172, which they said was great. I have another u/s scheduled in 4 weeks and I can’t wait for that one either! I don’t think I could see or hear it enough!!! (I’m 10 wks, 1 day today)


MM - May 15

I'm currently at about 14 weeks. I saw the heartbeat at 11.5 weeks (my husband missed it because I didn't know I was getting one done) & I was smiling all afternoon!! Then on Friday (May 12th) we got to hear the heartbeat - I was more excited for my husband to hear it 'cause I'd already seen it - the dr. told us there was a chance we may not hear it, so not to be disappointed if we didn't, but he found it very quickly & told us it was a strong heartbeat!! We're very happy, but a lot of the time I just can't believe there's a tiny person growing in me!!


Celia - May 15

I heard the hb the first time around 12 weeks. I was just so happy that everything was still going great. Hubby couldn't go with me for that appointment so we rented a doppler and now we have a routine of listening every morning and every night. It's nice to hear the heartbeat while saying good morning to the baby!


pattford - May 15

i'm going tomorrow morning to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I'm very nerous. I was pregnant once before., over a year ago. We went in at 7 weeks and i had a blighted ovum. So tomorrow is going to be a similar feeling. Hopefully we'll have good news this time.


Kira_lynn - May 16

I was 8w3d and I didnt get to "hear" the heartbeat (emergency u/s due to bleeding) but i got to see it bleeping! It was the coolest thing we've ever seen! It was 180!


pattford - May 16

so, we really did hear a heartbeat today. I have been not been optimistic the past few weeks. I guess I am more now. The fetus measured exactly 7 weeks, which is exactly right. The heartrate was 118. I thought that sounded low, but the doc said it was within average. We'll get to see again in 3 weeks. It's really a miracle that there is a little person growing inside of me. Unbelievable.



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