How Did You Know You Were PG

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How - October 6

Starting this post for those moms out there who would like to share their symptoms and how they knew they were pregnant.


baby#3 - October 6

I didn't exactly know I was pregnant but alot of things I was experiencing kept me guessing. It started out with tender b___sts during and after ovulation, then some mild cramping. All that went away. Then I noticed alot of bloating and gas. Followed by a missed period then tender b___st and mild cramping again. I also had an excessive amount of veins just popping out all over may chest and my arms. Then I became really tired and was sleeping really heavy. I had a moment on 19dpo where I had a bit of nausea and actually lost it. That day, which was 19 dpo I finally got my BFP!!!


carolina - October 6

I just found out i was pregnant on sept 28 i actually gained a little bit of weight and my b___bs got really sore especially on my nipples. also i had to go pee a lot and had a lot of hot flashes in the middle of the night and still have them. Plus people had asked me if i was pregnant before i took the test which i had a BFP on the same day period was due.


Ange - October 7

My b___bs swelled up 8-9 days before my period was due, but that is their normal PMS routine so I didn't think I had conceived, though we had hit expected ovulation date on the nose. Then my chin started to break out, I had some very rare constipation and felt hot sleeping. It was becoming pretty apparent by the time i was 3 days late with period that something was up. I was at a work conference and suddenly felt very tired so left and walked home. I took a test that afternoon and it was positive. my symptoms are virtually gone this week but i had a second positive test and haven't had anything to suggest miscarriage so am hopeful dr. will have good news for me when i see her Monday...


KK - October 7

I was late for my period and took a test! No other symptoms...lucky me. Although I'm paying for being so smug now; my b___bs are ma__sive and soooo painful, I'm moody, I get really queasy and the only think that stops it is eating, and I'm like a toddler; if I miss my afternoon nap I'm screwed for the rest of the day. My hair's really shiny though, so that's a bonus!


stef - October 7

Mine is like the person that posted baby #3. Everything was the same as what they posted.


karen - October 7

I was very (unusually) fatigued and had sore b___sts. They do not usually get sore at any time during my cycle, so that was unusual. However, in the months that we had been trying to conceive, I always had some type of symptom and ended up not being pregnant, so I didn't think much of it until I got the positive 3 days after my missed cycle.Then the nausea and bloating began.


Renee - October 10

i'm a little different. Usually when I am close to my af, I get extremely tired, moody and very bloated. On Friday I realized I should have been all of those things, and I wasn't. I took three tests and saw my doctor today. All were positive and my doctor says for all intents and purposes, I am, but I have one u/s to go for on Friday to make sure there's a sac inside the uterus and not outside or stuck in a tube. (I'm high risk for that cause I have endometriosis) I'm 28 and this will be my first child. I'm so so so excited!


d - October 11

just wanted to say thanks to the moms to be for sharing your info.


.! - October 12

Any more posts going on here?


Jennifer - October 12

mine is kindof a interesting story. About 12 days past when I ovulated I (and about 2 days before AF was due) I started having a bad stomach ache and felt like I was getting sick. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night with the worst dierrhea I've ever had. I went like 5 times in 10 hours. The next day I felt like c___p. Because my husband and I were trying...I decided to take a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Went to the doc the next day and they confirmed it. I am now 7 weeks. That was the only night I felt that wierd. Now i am just tired and get light headed on and off throughout the day. I have not had any sickness yet, so I am crossing my fingers that it will stay that way.


Helped - October 14

Thanks ladies, its really great to hear your stories!!


Dia - October 14

My pregnancy is a surprise! I just found out Monday (5 days ago). DH and I were trying for awhile, then decided we wanted to wait a while longer, but whatever happens is, I was just kind of curious and took a test at 12 dpo...BFN...I had all my af symptoms...sore nipples, then it went away. Achy cramps and so on. I was SURE af was coming. Then I was 1 day late. But after my BFN, I thought no way. But, I tested anyway at 15 dpo and it popped up + right away! Boy was I surprised!! One thing I notice now is that when I get hungry, its not a normal's a "get me food NOW" hunger :) Hope that helps!


Wow - October 14

I think this is so sweet for you to take your time out to share. Have any of you gotten your BFP after charting?


bumpety - October 16



bumpity - October 19



bump again - October 20

bump again~!



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