How Did You Tell The Daddy

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MommyAgain - May 3

My husband has never had his own child though he has been a wonderful step father to my sons, so when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to make it a special moment. I went out and found a little pink and white baby bib that said "I love my daddy" on it and wrapped it up as a gift. I hid this in my car and asked hubby out for dinner under the guise that I wanted to thank him for being so good to me while I had been so sick and grumpy (I had been terribly sick for a couple weeks, but didn't realize it was the pregnancy) Anyway, I took him out for steak and when we were almost done I slipped out to the car and brought his gift in. He unwrapped it and dug through the tissue paper.. suddenly he froze and went pail. He looked up and just stared at me a minute lol... he finally uttered "you mean?" I said yes, and we both teared up and became emotional and giggly. I told him about my day and how I had the doctor confirm the home test so I would be sure. He was so stunned and all over the map with his feelings, it was so sweet :) After dinner we went and looked around at baby stuff!


Chris - May 4

My boyfriend turned White too! LOL He knew something was up and tried guessing... "did something happen at work? "did you quit your job? You're not Pregnant right?" I just looked at him and smiled....he turned white and had to sit down. Then he got really happy. :)


Ca__sie - May 4

We were sitting on a pier in a park where he proposed to me 3.5 years ago. We were talking about remodeling the house we just bought and I said, "We should finish out the bas____nt for the office. We'll need the room upstairs since I'm pregnant and everything." He was just nodding with what I was saying and looking across the pond when it finallyl sank in. He turned and looked at me in shock. "You didn't just say you were pregnant, did you?" he asked. He just couldn't believe it and was in shock the whole day. :-)


Ellie - May 4

Well, my boyfriend already knew I was late and went out and bought a EPT. Well, he threw it under the sink before the results came out. That night I found it and walked into his room asking him do test results change? He said, no why. I went and got the test and he looked at it and said looks like a post_tive to me. Then I went to the doctor's office and before I even got the result, Will kept saying it doesn't matter , because we already know you are pregnant. Well sure enough the EPT was right and so was Will, he acted like a ton of bricks had hit him and stated well atleast I have a job. Then started talking about plans for the baby.



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