How Did You Tell Your Sweetie

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Lilly - November 17

I jsut found out and am completely shoked, wasn't ttc!!! I was wondering how you all broke the news???? any suggestions?


Karen - November 17

Well, I probably didn't do it the best way. I sat him down and made him guess and told him it was probably the most serious thing he could think of, lol.


Eeesha - November 17

I went and and brought a book called "So you're going to be a Father" and gave it to him. The look on his face was priceless, I still smile and cry when I remember it.


Dia - November 18 you I wasn't ttc, so it was a complete surprise. DH works 3-11pm, and I took a test at about 11am and he was still asleep. I took the test b/c I was one day late and my friends urged me too. Well, right away it started showing positive and I started screaming...hehe...he jumped up out of bed and came running into the bathroom...we are both really happy about it. It was such a surprise!! Congrats!


Monica - November 18

I calculated the expected due date. Then I asked him what he was doing on that date...when he asked why, I said, " well I am giving birth to our baby and want you to be there! He was so excited!


Dorian - November 18

It just so happened to be my DH birthday the next day. He is a sports nut and has alwaystalked about putting our children in sports clothes etc..., So I went out and bought him a Canada Hockey Jersey in a size 2(smallest they had) and gave it to him with the positive tests wrapped up inside. It was the best gift i have ever been able to give him.


Ashley - November 18

Monica-that is sooo cute. I went and bought my dh the " Everything-Father-to-be" book. Then I showed him the tests. He was really happy, his eyes teared up and he looked at my belly and then just took me in his arms and murmered, I'm going to be a dad! It was so sweet. But I really like how Monica did it. : )


April - November 19

I suggested that my family get chinese and I changed out the fortune in the fortune cookies with the sentence, "Baby #2 is on the way!"


mw - November 21

He knew before I missed my period, oddly enough. (ie I never had to tell him) He sat down, drew a picture of the baby and put a name on the page next to it. If it is a boy we are using that name.


Mama-Beans - November 21

With my first I took the test after he had already left for work.. we had been ttc for 1.5 years, and neither of us took a late period seriously anymore... so imagine my shock when it was positive! I went out and bought the book "My Boys Can Swim" ( part of our fertility issues were male related) and left the book, and the 6 tests I had taken throughout the day, on the bed. When he came home, I was making his favorite steak dinner, he gave me a hug and went upstairs to change.. and YELLED!! Needless to say he was VERY excited.


Bobbi - November 22

My boyfriend isn't supposed to have kids, so it came as a huge suprise to both of us. I went to meet him at the mall and he made a joke about me eating enough for two..and i was like..oh ya about that..Im pregnant. He was really freaked out at first, but now he so excited.



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