How Do I Control The Emotions

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Berly - January 23

Hi I have recently taken 3 hpt and every one of them came out positive. I do not have my first doc's appt. until feb. I'm 21 I have to quite the police academy ( which I have been looking foward too and working so hard for ) I have to tell my parents, his religious parents. I'm not married and I just have so many emotions going through my boby. I don't want to be stressed out or upset and hurt the baby. B/c I know whatever mommy feels the baby does too. Any ideas on ways to calm down and deal with these emotions.


berly - January 27

I guess no one has any advice for me.....


Leahp - January 27

Hi Berly, I have had tons of emotions but my situation is a bit different than yours, but the way I only dealt with my emotions and stress was confronting them but also making sure my husband knew how I felt and what I was going through mentally your S.O. should be supportive and tell his parents, but I know it doesn't always work that way! Go ahead and tell your parents, tell his parents, if you're not ready for marriage they'll have to deal with that, it's your life!!! Just stay strong and firm, everything always works out!!! That was my way of making it through the stress. Plus a warm bath and soft music! I'm sorry your plans did not go how you wanted them too!! I know how you feel! Life can always make a 360, it's strange!


Lori - January 27

Why do you hve to quit the police academy? How long in the schooling where you are and do they have a rule against it? Also in you other post you said you were already enrolled. They should let you finish and if you are already used to the physical demands you should be in no danger of causing harm to your baby. Also most police academies are relatively short and you should be able to complete your training and then have the baby and then et you job. Don't let having a baby postpone a dream. it could make you resen the baby or your boyfriend. Also give your boyfriend time and he should stick up for you and your new addition to his family. Obviously he is not as religious or he would have refrained from premarital s_x. My husbands family and at the time we were together he was a member of what many consider a cult. And he finally had to wake up open his eyes and realize that it was me or the church and he chose me. We attend a different church now one that accepts both of us. But any way if you need anything just post.



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