How Do I Know What To Do Keep The Baby Or Have An Abortion

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Kansas - August 30

I felt by body acting different so I took a pregnancy test. Four tests later, they were all positive. The guy that I'm seeing hasn't givin me any indication of what he wants to do. He is swaying from keeping to having an abortion. I see both sides of the situation. Is there any advice you can give me on to how to decide what decision is best for the two of us? How late is too late to get an abortion?


charlize - May 24

my mother was faced with the same decision 27 years ago, and she didn't kill my brother. try to put yourself in the child's position. would you have liked to be killed? whether or not the father will be there for the child has nothing to do with whether or not the child deserves to die. it is a part of you. please don't make the mistake, he or she will thank you for it later


Shelly - May 24

What do you feel in your heart? This is a decision that you have to make for yourself. No one can make it for you. Take in account your feelings. Look at how your life will be both ways. If your boyfriend doesn't want to support your decision, find someone who will. This is your life and your body. Weeigh the pros and cons, then go with your heart. If you let someone else make this decision for you, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Deep inside YOU know what is right for you.


Beth - May 25

Please keep remember all of the young women out there that are trying desperately to have children, and for some reason can't. Adoption is ALWAYS a possibility. My sister was in the same situation, and she ended up a single mother for a short while. Now she is engaged to a wonderful guy who LOVES my nephew!


Marie - June 4

I was in your position several years ago. Single, pregnant, didn't want kids, and was told I could never have them, plus wasn't sure of who the father was, the guy I was seeing or a one night stand previous to that. I planned on abortion but thankfully couldn't go through with it. It took me a few years to finally find out the right father and come clean but I'm glad I did. I'm glad I have my child and can't imagine a day without her. I love her more then I ever thought possible. Please, don't have the abortion. There is always adoption too and that is loving as there are so many people who can't have kids.


Chris - June 6

Kansas, Please consider seeking out a counselor who can help you to clarify your thoughts and feelings. Whether or not the guy you're seeing is around ten years from now, you're going to live with your decision everyday. Clarifying where you stand will help you to avoid regrets. You can call a local planned parenthood and ask the "how late is too late" question anonymously.


xristinaki - June 8

Some answers have to be answered by you and only you but how old are you? I mean are you able to decide? Do you have people near you to support you? Do you want the baby; Dont think of your partner and you but you and your baby or you and your future with this baby.


ann - June 14

Visit Planned Parenthood. They are quite helpul and can direct you to the help you need. They make no judgements, they are there to help women like yourself. Its a hard decision, no one can make it for you. Good Luck!


Steph - June 15

I had one two years ago and every day i wounder if it was a boy or a girl what they be like what would i get them for christmas birthday's etc. What would they be when they get older. You really have to be a very strong person to get one so sit down and think really hard about it but at the end of the day it is your body so it's your choice.


Sandra - June 15

The latest is 12 weeks. I never understood the full capacity of one's feeling on abortion untill i saw picture's on abortion. It was so upsetting and ???. There is not word to describe it. I wish that woman who deside to have abortions could have a look at these pictures. Wouldn't you like to know what you'r child will look like one day? I would rather give the child up for adoption that have an abortion. There are so many people who are dying to have a baby but there are people who don't care. I am not saying that you don't care but first think about it. If he wanted to lay in the hay, he must stay and pay.


Cathy - June 15

I know you might think it to be a difficult choice - but keep your baby- don't grow old looking at other children that would probably be your child age while growing older.


Krista - June 17

Please keep your baby or give the baby up for adoption. You don't know what God has planned for this precious child. God never gives you more than you can handle. Let Jesus be your guide! May God bless you and your precious blessing!


Tina - June 18

Hi, i was faced with this very tough decision just over 6 yrs ago. Though my partner then didnt give me any indication that he wanted me to have the baby, he did everything he possibly could to make me have an abortion. And at the time i thought if my partner didnt want the baby or me then who else would want to be with me with a child fathered by somebody else but i thought for myself and my unborn child and now have a 6 year old beautiful young girl and am living with a new partner of 4 years and have a 2 year old child with him and am now very happy. So although you have alot of thinking to do, however much you think of your partner at this moment in time, the 2 people you have to put first are you and your unborn child. You have to do what YOU want not anyone else, because whatever you decide you have to live with. Really hope this helps. Take care xxx


GFK - June 22

one morning at the tail end of a cocaine binge my sister and new born neice entered the apartment. my sister said and you wanted me to abort this beautiful child. i felt like crying but than realized that she had this fantastic child. she made her choice against my wishes. i felt that a kid and a single mom situation was wrong but it all turned out good you have to have the end the decision is yours and yours alone .meditate on it.


me - July 3

It is a human life. There is no decision that has to be made. You must not murder the baby.


Reallycute2015 - July 4

First of all in some states you have up to 5 months to have an abortion. Now depending on your situation and how you feel in your heart is how you should figure out whats good for you. God did not give you the gift to figure out what was good for the father. It seems that right now he does not know what he want to do. So just follow your heart and you will find all the answers you need.


Good luck - July 4

The way I see this is that why should the baby have to die? Why does it deserve such a penalty? It did not choose to come into this situation by it's self did it? You are old enough to know what could have happend with having s_x. Do you want to live with the knowing that you killed an innocent angel for no reason? It's easy, if you don't want babies, have your tubes tied or no s_x or use protection, there are so many options.But killing a baby for no reason is not. If it was a rape baby or a crack baby, or if the baby was going to die anyways, or if you were in harm, that would be a differant story. Step up to the plate and be a good parent, nothing else comes close to the feeling.I really don't know why people want to have abortions just for their convience.You aren't women or man enough to have a baby, then don't take the chance. You may be lost right now, but at least you have a man by your side, there are so many women who are left to deal with it by themselves. At least you got yourself a responsible man, many wish they would be in your shoes now.Please make the right choice.Your baby is depending on you.It really is.



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