How Do I Know What To Do Keep The Baby Or Have An Abortion

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mel - August 8

for the person who was so kind to teach me something that doesnt make sense-you are proving my point. A HUMAN IS 100% human or it not human . something is either alive or dead. cant be a little alive or a little dead. people like you who like to mask the truth is what makes babies die. its called LIES. God says he knew you and called you by name BEFORE "HE" created you in your mothers womb. YOU and I and that tiny baby were MEANT to be. Thats why there is no such thing as an ''accidental" pregnancy. Maybe an "unplanned" pregnancy but either way doesnt give US the right to decide who is worthy of living or dying a cruel painful death. Have you ever seen a 4D ultra sound done on a very early pregnancy? well go ahead and YOU tell me that is a parasite as you so called the living breathing tiny baby.


mel - August 8

and btw...end result of your comment is that 3/5 or 2/9th of a human they were considered THEY died , were tortured and were slaves due to that "law" so bottom line is that because they werent considered 100% human according to our law, SOMEONE made a decision on their fate or death and made NO bones about it.


unknown - August 8

i was in the same situation 6 months ago. my then boyfriend couldn' t make up his mind so i had an abortion bacause i thought it was best for us. 3 months latrer i had become so obssesed with still being able to have kids that i got pregnant again, but the abortion caused me so much pain mentally i decided to keep this one and am happy i did, ny advice is to think it over and be 100% sure you are ready for what come with both. neither is an easy choice!!!


Kati - August 8

Tjis is just my point of view but if you dont think you want to keep it, put it up for adoption. There are loads of people wanting to be mommys and daddys and cant. Im not sure if youve thought about it but just remember it is an option


Linda - August 9

Hi, hon. I am sorry you are in this position. My advice is to seek some counseling from a family planning clinic before you make any sudden decision. Most of the women who go thru with abortions, live with the guilt every day, thereon. They wonder if they made a mistake, what the children look like, etc. Also know that having an abortion might actually decrease your chances of conceiving again, or carrying another baby to full term. This is because sometimes there is tissue scarring within the uterus, that can prevent implantation. So an abortion also has long term effects as well, including the recurring thoughts of whether one made the right decision in doing it. A fetus starts out only by cells, but those cells grow very fast, just within a few weeks, to form a human life. You may not be getting what you need from your partner during this time, but as one poster said, this is your body, your baby, and your decision. Definitely seek the counseling, and if there is no way you can keep the baby, there is always adoption. You have to make a decision that you can be pleased with, and also consider any long term effects; fertility wise, and emotionally, too. Good luck, hon. I wish you and the baby, the best.


- August 9

Note, abortion MIGHT make it harder to concieve. In my case, it was not. I had an abortion, I thought about it for a while like all people do. Went on the pill. When my partner and I decided to try for good, about 5 months later, I was off the pill 2 weeks and concieved. You can't think that this could hind you for life as most of the time it doesn't. Whether it's the right time for you or not, it's best to do what you thinks right for you, not whats right for everyone else.


Merin - August 9

This is rather a sensitive subject, because everyone has different veiws on what is right and wrong.In the end, this is a decision for you to make, what do you want to do? Do not be pressured other people to make your decision for you.


History 101 for mel - August 9

as a mother of 2 soon to be 3, yes I have seen them on an U/S and they looked nothing like slaves!



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