How Do I Tell My Mum Sister

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jenny_baby - March 1

Hello, I'm just new to this forum + the whole idea of being pregnant! I found out yesterday I was pregnant I'm nearly 6 weeks gone, and I'm 22 yrs old this month and live with my boyfriend who is 24. We told his parents last night, (he is the oldest sibling) I'm the youngest of 5! Problem is my sister is 29 and has been trying since she got married (2 years ago) I'm terrified to tell her, I'm extremely close to her but I'm scared incase she rejects me. I'm not scared to tell my mum , but I just dont know WHAT to say? how do i start it off? HELP!!!


Kime - March 1

Wow this a tuffy. With your sister i'm not sure how you should tell her. Do you really think she would rejuect you? Im sure she might be a little heartbroken, but not b/c of you just b/c it hasn't happened for her yet. Im sure she will be very excited for you and bf and will be excited she's going to be an aunt. If you feel comfortable with your mom then i would just tell her. Maybe you can take her out for lunch or dinner this weekend with or without bf and tell her that way.As long she sees that your happy and in love It won't bother her one bit. Hope that helps.....


Punkin - March 1

We were trying for almost two years, and my brother's girlfriend got preggo, at first I was jealous, but then it was kind of fun to get to shopping for baby stuff, and look at baby stuff with out being sad! You might ask this on a ttc thread and see how they would like to be told. If it were me though, I would not want her to act sad for me, I would probably take that as an insult. Good luck honey, I am sure she'll be happy for you!


ginger6363 - March 1

I think you should definitely be careful with this one and ask some the ladies on the Signs of Pregnancy board for advice. There have been a couple of ladies who have similar, some bad, some good, experiences with their sisters and close friends. Understand that it might be tough on her at first, but I think if you handle it well your sister will be happy for you. Good luck!


Peachtree - March 1

Hi Jenny- I can relate to your concern. My sister has been trying to conceive for 3 years with her husband- she already has a beatiful 8 year old girl, but she is having a very difficult time trying to conceive this time around (different husband this time too). They are currently going to a fertility clinic and doingt all that stuff. I was very nervous to tell her about my pregnancy too. My sister is one of my best friends, and I didn't want her to be upset about this at all, but at the same time, I had to be understanding that it was going to be frustrating for her to hear that I'm expecting. She is still happy for me, but I know she is a bit heartbroken about it too. She is anytime she hears that anyone is's just hard to hear about anyone being pregnant when you've been trying so hard and nothing is happening month after month and year after year. Unfortunately, she hasn't been able to share in my pregnancy the way I'd have liked her to, but I'm trying to be understanding, and getting support from other family and friends. She tries to ask questions and show she cares, because I know she does, but it's hard for her. When I had to tell her, she knew I was trying, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but I still tried to be gentle when I broke the news. You can still show you're happy, just maybe don't b__w it up to be something huge (even though it is), let her know that you're excited about it, and you can't wait till she has a little one too. If you want to, you can let her know that you would really like her to be a part of your pregnancy, because you can't imagine going through this without her by your side. It might not go as you want it to, but you might be surprised too. Good luck. Let us know how it went!


jenny_baby - March 2

Hey girls.......Thanks so much for all your answers and support! I told my mum last night, and my sister, they were both over the moon and really supportive! it ended with all of us sitting in tears hugging each other, My sister wasnt bad at all, she says she's really happy for me and she is glad I'm going to be a young mum , because now she wishes she had done it at my age! so all is well, I really appreciated your answers, thank you! x



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