How Do U Know If Your Gonna Have A Miscarriage

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Jessika2007 - February 4

I have a question about miscarriages ..... um I've never had a miscarriage but what are the signs to look for when your miscarrying? and is any signs of bleeding from your utarus or where the baby is are there any troubles when you see blood?this is my forth prgnancy so I'm worried because I hear alot of stories and they scare me thats why I want to know sorry!!!!?


Tammy276 - February 4

The most common signs of a m/c are bad cramps accompanied by heavy, bright red blood, like a period. But there can also be NO signs, which is known as a missed m/c. When that happens, them mother does not m/c naturally and doesnt' know she has m/c until they cannot find a hb and then a D & C is perfomed...Try not to let stories scare you too much...You could bleed and it could be nothing, but if you are bleeding, it is definately something to contact your doctor about


kristie h - February 4

Tammy is correct. I have had two miscarriages and my 1st loss was a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks but i found out at 12 weeks. I did have pian with that one, it was like i was in full b__wen labor, the pain lasted an hour or so untill i went to the toilet and vomited about 4 days worth of food and i had the runs. That was it i no bleeding so i didnt think is was anything as most people think that the pian is acompanied with bleeding. So that is not true at all. The pain to watch out for as you would know is like labor pain. Starts of gradually then gets more closer together and intense as time goes by. Any pain that makes you double over go to the doctor and get it checked out. I am sure you will be fine, dont worry to much and relax when ever you can. PS: I dont mean to scar you by my story, i just wanted to let you know that you can have very bad pain and not bleed but still lose the baby.


Mrs.W. - February 5

I had 1 m/c at 7weeks/3days.... I dont mean to scare you or anyone else either...but I had hardly no pain... I had very light brown spotting for about 4 days prior to the m/c and in the evening of the day I misscarried I had slight period cramps...Only when I got home that evening after work and went to the toilet did I start bleeding really heavy... and had a m/c. You should really try not to worry too much though... we are all diffrent and experience diffrent symptoms.


Jessika2007 - February 5

like I've said I v never ever went threw a loss or a miscarriage but yah hearing storie are sometimes scary lol I'm sorry for what you went threw, but I am not bleeding and I'm not showing any symptons of a miscarriage all I have is morning sickness thats all. and besides I go to my family doctor february 8, 2007 I can't wait to see if the baby is ok, this is my forth and I intend to have a forth pregnancy healthy.....


kristie h - February 5

Jessika, i didnt mean to scar you, i thought i would answer your question. EVERYONE intends to have a healthy pregnancy and i am sure you will.



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