How Do You Handle Worrying About Baby S Health

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firstimemomma - October 12

I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I'm 36 years old with my first. I keep worrying about whether the baby is going to be healthy. I quit smoking, stopped taking my anxiety medication. I generally feel great. No spotting, nauseau, etc., I just am constantly worrying about my next appointment and if its going to be okay, etc. WHEN DOES THIS EASE UP? I feel like I'm going to go crazy. It generally happens when I have a lot of free time. I just can't relax. I go to church, I pray, I talk to the baby. I'm due for my first ultrasound in 4 weeks as well as the amniocentesis. I just found a company that does the 3D/4D and I think they do it as early as 20 weeks. I'm desperate to know. Can anyone mom out there tell me how I should be feeling? Acting? Doing? To curb these worries?


Nikki_1 - October 12

Hey there, I too am a first time mom. I am about 9 weeks.. I am having the same anxiety you are about the baby's health. I am having my first ultrasound on tuesday and I am terrififed of getting bad news. I would like to think that it is normal for a woman to feel like this especially in the first pregnancy and so early on. I mean you cant feel the baby move or anything yet.. I just makes you worry.. People have told me that once you have the first ultrasound and you see your baby for the first time that this starts to ease and you slowly worry about it less and less.. I dont know if thats true but thats what I have been told.. GOOD LUCK AT UR ULTRASOUND AND CONGRATS!!!


CourtneyHope - October 13

I am a first time mom too, 17 1/2 weeks. I got to see our baby at 7 weeks, and that is all so far. I had been worried for a while. My husband and I tried for a year and a half, so when we found out, any way I was feeling different scared the sh*t out of me. I felt at ease when we got to hear the heartbeat at 16 weeks. I think because when we went at 12 weeks they couldn't find it yet, so that worried me. I am excited now, more than ever. I find out the gender on Halloween, which will make me 20 weeks...pretty stoked. I think it is totally natural to feel nervous, like Nikki_1 said when you can't feel anything and you don't have symptoms ( i didn't either) it really makes you wonder if there is something in there or not? Don't worry about it, it feels like it takes forever, but it will go by super fast if you let it. Let us know how you are doing, how your appts go, and CONGRATS!!!



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