How Do You Know If You Have A Tilted Uterus

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SM - April 21

This may seem like a silly questions but I was reading several of the posts and just wondering how you found it? Did you know before you got pregnant? Or did they tell during a pap or ultrasound? Just curious. I am pregnant, approx 6wk'ish and my mom has a tilted uterus. I have never been told I have one but wasn't sure?


fernanda - April 21

I have a tilted uterus. I found out due to my reguarly papsmear test when the doctor could see and feel that it was tilted. My mother also has a tilted uterus-i was told it runs through the family. The doctor said it should cause no problems with the pregnancy = hopes this helps :) I am 7 weeks pregnant myself!


j - April 22

I have a tilted uterus also. Mine does tricks, when my bladder is full it tilts one way, and when it is empty it goes the other way. The ultra sound lady was pretty impressed...hahaha The doc said it will not affect the pregnancy it just affects the way they insert tools when doing a pap. fun stuff!!!


tory - April 25

love that response J. I was feeling blue reading thru some of the posts and thinking I'm probably miscarrying, but that did make me smile:)


sara - April 25

i was told i have a tilted uterus when i went for my 10 week checkup and the doc could not hear the heartbeat with a doppler. so i had an u/s and the baby was just fine. i am currently 18 wks preg and had another u/s last week and was told that my uterus is normal now but will be tilted again after the baby is born. the dr said there is nothing to worry about. a tilted uterus will cause no problems with pregnancy.


babyonboard - April 25

I have a tilted utrus too..and only knew through smear testing, and my recent thing I have always wondered though, and not to be too graphic, but during my periods i always seem to get digestive problems (on the exit out of town), could this be caused by my sensitive uterus being close to my intestines, and does anyone know if a tilted uterus can be a factor in serious 'back labour'?


to babyonboard - April 25

I also have a tilted uterus(obgyn told me while doing an annual, she could feel it was tilted) and I have bad problems like you mentioned during af, and I don't know if my mother has a tiled uterus but she had horrible back labor....but my obgyn told me that if you have a tilted uterus when you get pregnant it will just straighten out like normal, so I don't think that would cause the back labor since it isn't tilted anymore when you get preg.


babyonboard - April 25

ooh...good to know someone else experiences the same thing..i thought it may be related.. actually my mum did have one when younger but after her pregnancy with me it rectified..only problem is she now has bad endometriosis which also causes bowel trouble, i am hoping this is just an individual case and not related to the tilted uterus. i wonder if any research has been done into tilted unteruses and such troubles during periods, i will have a search through my medical books and online to see..glad i'm not just imagining things though! lol



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