How Do You Tell Everyone

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Jessica - January 24

Are there any soon to be mothers that are single and have had to tell everyone? How do you tell your family that you are expecting?


lilly - January 24

well it depends are u happy? How old are ? I mean i m married and happy about being pregnant i just told everyone. But it depends ur situation u have t be mre specific?


Amy - February 19

Luckily tellin my mum was easy as she's my best friend (I'm only 18 aswell!) so my mum, bein her phoned the rest of my family and told them. As far as my friends go i only told the closest ones as i'm still very early on.


Maleficent - February 20

my first time i was 17 and my finace had just left for boot camp. i was terrified but my family was awsesome! i told my mom first, she cried a little, and hugged me, and we both cried. she helped me tell my dad, it was hard since i'm a real daddys girl. but by the next day everyone was 100% supportive. my mom called everyone under the sun, she was really happy. and my dad came home from work with the cutest pair of baby shoes. it was alot easier than i thought it was going to be. you'll feel better having your family by your side. tell who ever your closest to.


brittany - February 20

First off congradulations. the fist time i found out i was pregnant i was 17 and my boyfriend turned out to be a real jerk so i was by myself and he had caused me alot of stress and the stress of telling my parents was horrible but i told them and they were mad for a while but then were excited like any normal soon to be grandparents would. but unfortunetly but all of the stress i was under resulted in a miscarriage. i am now seven weeks pregnant and told my parents and everything is going fine.


stephanie - February 21

Hi Jessica & congrats! I was 15 when i was pg. w/ my son & 17 w/ my daughter. They are now 10 1/2 & 12 (Both Same Dad). I am 8 1/2 wks. pg. now w/ Daddy #2. Never been married and just told my Dad last night. He is not happy because the baby is the last reason to get married. We are still going to take our time & we are both very happy about this pregnancy. The best advise that I can give to you is not to let others influence your decision. You Yourself will make the best desisions for you and your baby. I have never waited for month 3 to tell everyone I can never hold it in that long. Besides even though my Dad whom was very strict still loves all his grand kids. The best way to tell them is just to tell them. If your family is way to strict or you are just plain scared I would maybe do it over the phone that's how I told me Daddy last night. I hope this has helped you in some way & OH.........Good Luck let us know how it goes.....we are here 4 you!!! Steph



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