How Early For Symptoms

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jenniferjuliane - February 6

Ok, I know this might sound crazy! BUT, I was supposed to ovulate anywhere from last thursday to saturday. Well, saturday I woke up with some nausea. I didn't think anything about it until later that day, my nipples were tender. Well, we've had 2 m/c and I'm still not wanting to get up hopes up! But then on Sunday I felt sick to my stomach ALL day, and it had cramps, basically, it felt like I was getting ready to start my period. I haven't had a fever or any diarrhea. My temps have been up since Saturday. Is this a sign of pregnancy? Can I actually start feeling these symptoms 2-4 days after conception? Today's monday and so far I haven't had any symptoms, but my nipples are still tender. Any suggestions would help! Thanks


jamsing - February 6

Actually I read that you can have symptoms as early as conception. In that What to expect when your expecting


jenniferjuliane83 - February 6

Thanks! I just feel like I'm trying to rush it. But in all reality, I don't want to believe it b/c I don't want to get my hopes up. I guess, I just FEEL pregnant! This morning I realized that I have 3 new breakouts on my face, so that's just another little sign that I may be pregnant. I wonder how early I can take a home preg test? I know they have the early ones, but I don't know how EARLY I can take it?! Well, thanks jamsing for your help. It's really useful. Now I know that I'm not COMPLETELY crazy!


DJ - February 6

I got a very very verfy faint positive at 9 dpo so only a few more days to wait. but don't get disapointed by testing early and it's negative.


Deb - February 7

Just be aware that the mind plays tricks on us when we are ttc. I thought I was pregnant for five months before I actually got pregnant. The month I got pregnant, I had NO symptoms!


jenniferjuliane - February 7

Hey DJ & Deb! I'm not sure if I'm going to take a preg test until I'm at least 10-11dpo, I'm only 4dpo right now. My temps are still going up & I went to the restroom early this morning I wipped & had these big clumps of v____al discharge. I've never had them before, not even in my other two pregnancies. They were VERY thick! My second preg I BARELY had one symptom, so I am still keeping my fingers crossed. I'll let you know what happens!


bloodlust - February 7

This is my first pregnancy. I really didn't get any symptoms until the second month (I didn't know I was pregnant until the third month lol).


jenniferjuliane - February 8

Oh my gosh! That's scary! Were you taking any prenatals? Wow! I had a friend the same way. She was told she'd never had children b/c she had a childhood accident. Well, she had been married for 14 years and always had to live with the fact that she'd never have one on her own. She was about 37 yrs old and around Christmas, she was getting sick, for some reason, she decided to take and hpt and it came out positive. She was so excited. She was almost 3 months along and her baby boy is healthy and spoiled rotten. There's more, she ended up conceiving again and delivered another baby boy before her 40th b-day. Needless to say, the father got fixed after that! I love that story...



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