How Far Along Was Everyone

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Rose - November 8

How far long was everyone before they got a + hpt? I am right now going on almost 2 weeks late and I took a test last friday and it was neg. I have small cramps but no signs of a period. I am taking another test this fri. and I will see what it says. I was just wondering if it took anyone else over a week late to show a + result. Thanks


Steph - November 8

I was only one day late for my period.


Kellie - November 8

I was a day late as well.


shannon - November 8

Sorry, one day late as well. Good luck!


Kaitlin - November 9

Late 5 days.


Jen - November 9

2 days before AF was due


Tess - November 9

I was 3 days late of my period when I found out I was PG. Good Luck!


kt - November 9

4 days before af sorry


heather - November 9

I was almost 2 1/2 weeks late .. hope this helps


Rose - November 9

Heather... did you take any test before you got a + result. Or did you just wait 2 weeks before you even took a test? My fience keeps telling me not to worry about it and wait and see if I get a period at the end of this month. I am just not patient enough to wait that long. Maybe I just didn't ovulate even though I had major cramps like I always do when I ovulate. Hmm... I guess we will see.


JS - November 10

Hi Rose, I was 3 weeks late and took a test and it came out super, super light. I went to the doctor the next day and my HCG levels were super high (109,000) so we don't know why the test came out so light but it happened and i'm now 11 weeks. Don't give up.


Brandi - November 10

I'm also 2 1/2 weeks late, but the test keeps coming out negative. I have never skipped a period before in my life. My husband and I want to get excited but we are cautious... He wants me to wait until the end of this month and see if I get my period. Does anyone think I should go to the doctor before then? I am already taking vitamins and being healthy. Please let me know you this works out for you.


Jenn - November 10

I got negative tests at home. Three of them. I was on the shot so i thought they were right, but i was very sick so i went to the doctor and they got a positive result at 6 weeks



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